Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flying Lead: The Defense of Bravo Base

Max and I tried out the Flying Lead miniatures game by Ganesha Games. As you know, I am a huge fan of Andrea's work, having played many games of Song of Blades and Heroes and Mutants and Death Ray Guns, it was time to try his modern/sci fi rules written with Rich Jones.

Max is a huge fan of Star Wars, so our first game, of course, had to be set in that universe. I downloaded the stats for the Star Wars universe from the Song of Blades Yahoo group. Also, a special shout out to Tim's Wargaming Stuff blog for the custom Flying Lead cover.

I set up a Republic Base, and off we went. The battle is chronicled below in images...

Bravo base on the planet of Crixis IV 
 Advancing Droids menace the base.
 The clash begins...
In the droids' first salvo, two troopers go to ground, and one is Shaken.  
 The clone commander moves into position to better rally his troops. 
 Max contemplates his next move. 
 The heavy clone trooper manages to wreak some havoc in the Separatist forces but goes to ground. 
 The super battle droid fells another brave trooper while a commando droid looks on.
Another trooper falls to enemy blaster fire.  
 The super battle droid takes care of the heavy trooper and moves onto the commander. 
 The commander uses his jet pack to go into cover and give an order to concentrate fire on the advancing super battle droid. 
 The super battle droid proves stubborn. 
 The commander finally falls to a lucky shot by a common battle droid. Down to less than 50% of their beginning force and losing a leader, the remaining members of the squad abandon the base to fight another day. 
Max is the victor in our very first game of Flying Lead! Way to go, Max!

The rules for this game are NOT Song of Blades and Heroes with everyone having ranged weapons. It is properly deadly for the subject matter. I love how much they have modified the rules for firearm combat while still maintaining the Fast Play philosophy of all of Ganesha Games games. 

Max set up the terrain for another battle between Republic and Separatist troops, who will win? Stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year. 

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