Thursday, May 22, 2014

SurfMonkey and I Master Some Dice With Superheroes and Fly Into the Star Realms

For our monthly game night, SurfMonkey and I rolled out Marvel Dice Masters. Both of us have increased our collections since our last run at this game. Before we began play, we exchanged dice and cards to fill out our forces. 

The games were fast and furious. I won the first one on a tactical error on his part. He finished me with overwhelming force in the second game. The rubber match belonged to the Green Goblin and his sidekick minions which swarmed SurfMonkey by surprise. 

After the match, we pulled out Star Realms to finish the night. After some back and forth action, SurfMonkey ran me out of the sector. 

Good times all around. 

Looking forward to next month and seeing which games we decide to bring to the table. I have a feeling it may involve dice, cards, and superheroes.