Thursday, April 9, 2015

Even More Call of Cthulhu Plus a Game of Warhammer 40K Conquest

One of my students has bought the Core Set and has built a couple of decks. We have played several games at Red Dragon Tabletop Gaming Society against each other. He has beaten me once but is determined to defeat me even more. 

During this week, I have also managed to play three games vs. Minion. I set them up thematically: My Agency Hunter deck vs. the forces of the Elder Gods and in some cases, the Elder Gods themselves. 

The first game was vs. Yog. Minion kept stealing my characters and nearly decked me. I was down to a single card when I won the third story. Phew!

The next game was against the forces of Shub. Black dog and other creatures of the Mother. In the end, Shub and her children were simply too much for the forces of the Agency. 

The third game was vs. the Cult of the Great Cthulhu itself. He even made an appearance. This was an ugly, bloody conflict with many deaths on both sides. In the end, the forces of good and the hunters who scour the world eradicating supernatural evil prevailed. Take that, Old Squid Face!

Then Max and I played another rousing game of Warhammer 40K Conquest. The Eldar smashed poor Sicarius once again.