Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Questers and Creatures Session Report: Doom at Dark Tree

This past Saturday night, four former students came over for our annual game night. In attendance were Nick, Zack, Brandon, and Katie. They graciously agreed to play Q&C.

Nick, Zack, and Brandon came prepared with characters ready to go. I had printed out some pre-generated characters and Katie chose the most 'magical' one. She was to be the group's magic-user. Speaking of the group here is the roll call:

Faldrik: Dwarf Fighter/Archaeologist.

Goloin: Dwarf Cleric of Tristan / Aristocrat.

Hunter: Human Thief / Spell League Witch Hunter

Chanterelle: Human Magic-user of the Town of Wingit.

I took them through a module of my own design called QC 1: Doom at Dark Tree. It is a pretty basic adventure in the vein of most old school modules.

Faldrik brought his friends to the city of Northgate in response to an old dwarf who had claimed to have found the location of one of the lost Dwarf Stones, ancient relics thought to be able to bring the dwarven gods back to Mevun. He provided them a map to an ancient tomb where the last bearer of one of the Dwarf Stones, the dwarf wizard, Demdothor, had disappeared.

His interest piqued, Faldrik and the others decided to follow up on the old dwarf's information heading to a lost tomb outside a nearby village, Dark Tree. However, little did the questers know, a necromancer had taken up residence in the ancient tomb. The evil one turned his attention to the unsuspecting denizens of the small village.
When the questers made it to the village it was deserted. On guard, they continued onward to the tomb. Once at the ancient burial site, they discovered a host of undead. After making their way into its depths and fighting through skeletons and zombies, they found a necromancer and defeated him, bringing his evil machinations to an end.

They found the Dwarf Stone among the necromancer's treasures. Faldrik also found an ancient magical greataxe.

They soon returned to Northgate and brought the Dwarf Stone to the old dwarf. He was ecstatic to finally have one of the eight Dwarf Stones in his possession. He warned the questers to be wary, though, as an organization existed who would stop at nothing to prevent the dwarven gods from returning. That organization may have turned its attention on the heroes. Now the questers wait for the next opportunity to explore the unknown and combat evil.

Overall, I was pleased with how my system worked. I did increase the damage clerics do with their Smite Undead ability.

I really want to thank the players! Their backgrounds and passion for the game really inspired me. Thanks again for a great gaming experience, guys!


  1. Excellent to hear. I look forward to giving Q&C a look over!

  2. Let me know what you think, Nitehood.