Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Starshield Boardgaming Knights Quarriors! with a Ticket to Ride to the 7 Wonders to Say Anything

Members of the Starshield Gaming Society assembled in the Geek Cave on Monday night for our weekly gaming session. Tonight it was all about board games. 

While we waited for Grez first and MooseCadet (aka Brigid), Iczer, Weezoh, and I played a rousing game of Quarriors! The spread was pretty good, I must say and there was a lot of room for back and forth leads. In the end I was triumphant. 

After Grez arrived, we played another. I was once again victorious. Good playing and fortuitous draws led me to victory. I culled the first game and didn't the second game just to see how they worked out. I guess I didn't really notice a difference. I may have just had the spirits of the Quarries in me, I don't know. What I do know is, I love this game!

After MooseCadet/Brigid arrived, we sat down to a Ticket to Ride: Europe game. This was my second play of this game, and I must say I enjoyed it much more the second time around. I even had strategies and stuff in my head. The game was also notable because MooseCadet scored the 8 line shown below. That was an exciting moment for all. However, unfortunately, MooseCadet failed to fulfill a number of tickets and took a major hit in end game scoring. She ended last. 

I ended up third. Much better than my last showing. 

From the fabled railways of Europe, we continued onto the ancient tableau that is 7 Wonders. This game is swiftly becoming one of my favorite. It has a cool card-drafting technique and has, of course, cards! Love cards. 

Though I ended the game with a stack of 3 gold (14 to be exact), I failed to win and came in third...again. A trend was beginning to develop as the night wore on. Our final gasp was a game of Say Anything, which really lived up to its name. Highlights for me: Nikola Tesla, Dickens is boring, and our friend Zoltar.

Our next game night should be a character creation session of our foray into the Dresden Files RPG. Looking forward to what comes of that. 

Until next time, good gamer, may the dice roll your way 


  1. Are final gasp? For shame ;)

    A great time was had by all though. Thanks for hosting

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