Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Fun With the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game!

Since I played this game with SurfMonkey, this game has consumed my thoughts. What characters are Maximan and I going to play? Which characters am I going to play solo? How will Seoni fare in the final scenario of the Perils of the Lost Coast adventure Path? How soon will I be able to crack open the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path deck to continue onto further adventures? 

Well, some of these questions were answered this past weekend.

Maximan and I finally sat down for our first adventure. He chose Valeros 
I chose the wizard Ezren 
We battled valiantly against the bandit king,  Jubrayl Vhiski. And defeated him and brought him to justice, though, his henchmen gave us a problem. 
The great thing about this game is it plays amazing solo. I chose to play two characters for my adventures. First up was the cleric Kyra and the Dwarven Ranger Harsk.

Well, they failed to defeat Jubrayl Vhiski and poor Harsk lost his life! It was a dark day.
Kyra soldiered on, though, recruited a new ally, the barbarian lass, Amiri.

While she was in the city recruiting Amiri, people started dropping from a serial poisoner. They took up their weapons and started investigating the crimes. They found out it was the vile Pillbug. Unfortunately, one of his poison traps proved to be Amiri's undoing, and she succumbed to his toxic concoctions. Kyra avenged her death, though, by finding and defeating him.

While tracking down the poisoner, she also learned of livestock and perhaps a few farmers disappearing out on the fringes of civilization...

She went to her local temple to seek guidance about what her next move should be, when a rather tall, bald monk traveler entered the temple for some meditation time. She knew here was her new adventuring companion, sent by her god.

To Be Continued...

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