Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dungeon!, BattleSworn, & Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Oh, My!

 The boys and I broke out Battle Sworn and took kobolds and the Kobold King vs. Max's Defenders. The kobolds ended up winning when their wyvern's poison felled a fighter, winning the kobolds the day. Love the system!

Next was Classic Dungeon! Max and I took it for a spin. Probably only the second time I have played my copy. It was fun playing with Max and re-living old memories in a new life. My wizard won, by the way. Max lost a fighter and finished the game with a dwarf fighter.

And to the finale of this post: I have successfully finished the first chapter of the Rise of the Runelords pack: Burnt Offerings that came with the Base set of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Kyra and Sajan have defeated the evil outsider who seemed to be behind the goblin attacks, now they await their next holy mission.

In the meantime, I started another 2 characters through the Perils of the Lost Coast path: Merisiel and Amiri. The fair barbarian lass died...again in the first scenario! I replaced her with Seoni. She and the elven rogue have not been able to hunt down the bandit lord. They are going to try again soon. Loving the game. Loving the character advancement through having to swap in better cards. I just love how it plays! Easily the best solo game I have ever played. I hope to get more multi player action in soon.

SurfMonkey on the 29th! Stay tuned!

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