Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SurfMonkey Comes Over and Builds Some Decks

At our monthly game night, SurfMonkey and I played two games of Star Realms and then decided to make it a deck-builders night and play the Oath and Anvil expansion I received for Christmas from IMStuds.


I won both Star Realms games, and we both lost against the new version of the Dragonlord scenario. I played the orcs and SurfMonkey played the dwarves.

A nice relaxing night talking games and playing cards. Looking forward to next month already.

Alien Invasion Expedition vs. Human Defense Force: Battlesworn Warbands

Below are pictures of the Warbands that flight it out on the battlefield at my latest Red Dragon Gaming Society session. We tried them out at home first in the Geek Cave:

Alien Invasion Expedition:

Planetary Defense Squad

Ancient road of Planet Markius VII

The Battle is joined...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Orcs Over Troubled Water: A Song of Blades and Heroes

I recently received my print version of Song of Blades and Heroes Revised Edition. I have the original print version from, but when it came time to buy the revised and updated version, I went with Amazon's CreateSpace. The quality is exceptional, and I really love flipping through its pages.

I also bought some pre-made hills and a bridge from eBay. The quest to obtain a bridge for my skirmish games dates back to high school band camp where I played my first game of Chainmail. I can't believe it took me so long to acquire one, but it was worth the wait. 

It was fierce and crazy battle, but in the end, the forces of Good proved to be too much for the savage orcs of the Black Blade Tribe.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Wraith Lord Cometh: A Song of Blades and Heroes Skirmish

Black Blade, having recently been run out of his underground lair by pesky adventurers, leads his warriors, shaman, and pet ogre, Cronk to a new land, but it is a haunted land.

Thelodon, the Wraith Lord, is awakened by the intrusion of brutish orcs into his domain. He summons wraiths, ghosts, and zombies to run out the interlopers.

Thelodon and his minions have killed some and run the rest of the brutish interlopers off. Now that he is awake, though, he may as well seek out more souls to quash...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Once More Into the Ruins: Another Mutants & Death Ray Guns Session

Two groups of survivors stumble into a run of the Ancients. One group leaves.

It's the Legion of Vile vs. The Host of Cbus.

The Legion of Vile wins!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Into the Realm of the Wretched: A Mutants and Death Ray Guns Session

Desperate for medical supplies, the Elders of Safehaven task Sandra's Scav Patrol with entering Wretched territory to bolster the town's fading medical supplies.

Sandra's team enters the outskirts of the ruin: Sandra; the android, MXPX; the Psyker, Ariel; Gore, the Bullman; and the old treeman, Oak.

But the Wretched guard their domain jealously and always are looking for flesh. The hideous but skilled leader, Jaclyn is backed up by her pack: Quickstab with his horrible power blade; the wily and evil shaman, Orson; the disgusting, Bill the Tongue; the gun slinger, Dupuis; and the inseparable, Samneric.

The Scav Patrol advances cautiously...

Quickstab makes fire wood out of Oak...

The Scav Patrol rushes to revenge, but Jaclyn's band proves too much for them. Ariel falls to the Wretched leader's assault rifle...

Sandra knows when she is beaten. She orders MXPX too retreat and she follows, leaving her companions to a most horrible fate...

Jaclyn stands triumphant! Between Gore and Ariel, her band will eat well tonight. Fire grilled steaks!