Sunday, December 16, 2012

Super SurfMonkey to the Rescue!

SurfMonkey came over this past Monday and brought with him two brand spankin' new super hero games! Legendary a Marvel Deck Building Game and the DC deckbuilding game. Pics below. 
We played Legendary first. It was a lot like Ascension, Shadowrift, and Nightfall mixed together. It is a co-op game with a scoring at the end. I thought that was a bit out of the spirit of the game as the heroes should be working together against the big bads and other villains. The game is gorgeous and the game board is a nice touch. However, all other superhero games are measured against Sentinels of the Multiverse for me, and this one does not surpass it in feeling like I am playing a superhero. It is more like I am a general guiding the superheroes in their struggles. Not quite the same to me. I lost, by the way.
Next up was the DC deck building game. Pure and simple, this game IS Ascension with a superhero theme.  If you love Ascension, you will love this game. The feel was more like being told a tale about the DC superheroes as they went through their many battles. It ain't no Sentinels.

To finish out the night we played a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse! SurfMonkey played Absolute Zero and Legacy (first time he had played the patriotic hero!). I played Tachyon and Ra vs. Baron Blade, Mad Bomber in the Ruins of Atlantis. In the end the heroes were victorious but not before taking many hits from the dastardly Baron Blade!

That was a great way to end out our superhero flavored night. We won't be meeting again until after Christmas. What will the New Year bring? Can't wait to find out. Happy Holidays, everyone!