Monday, January 30, 2017

January Tabletop Good Times!!!

More pictures of great gaming. SurfMonkey and I managed to get together earlier in the month on a Saturday for some Arkham Horror LCG and Star Wars Destiny. The boys and I have been playing various games: D&D, Imperial Assault, Cardfight Vanguard, Yu Gi Oh, Arkham Horror LCG (I even got in some solo games vs. the Rougarou).

As the snow continues to fall, the opportunities for more gaming goodness will continue. It is a busy time right now, but I am confident I can squeeze in some good gaming. 

Until next time, enjoy the pics. 

Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Solo Descent Journeys in the Dark

Played some solo Descent. My group is named the Company of Intrepid Idiots. Avric, Grisban, Leoric, and Lashley. 

It was a tough delve trying to restore the soul of a priest. Lashley went down three times. But the rest kept the quest going. In the end, after defeating the abominations of the Flesh Moulders, the heroesbrestored the priest's soul. He can now rest in peace.

The Road to Legend App is a stroke of genius. I can't wait for more dungeon crawling adventures!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year; New Gaming!!

Thank you to my wonderful family, I was blessed with The Reign of Cthulhu and Descent Journeys in the Dark, Second Edition. My year in games is off to a great start!

The boys and I have been playing D&D, I have been playing some solo Arkham Horror LCG, and my new RPG passion, The Black Hack! What a great rules lite game system!

 The Ho Crain visited before New Year's Eve and we got in some Vanguard. 

New Year's Eve was a blast with our Christmas gift to Aunt Marcia: Mysterium as focus of the evening. It's a great game we will be adding to our family collection.

Max and I got Descent to the table and enjoyed the tutorial on the Road to Legend App. Expect to see much more of this awesome dungeon crawler throughout the year.

Happy new year everyone. I hope it's a great one!