Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SurfMonkey Invades and Pilots His Way to Victory

Tuesday night, SurfMonkey came over for our monthly game night. On the menu this night was some oh, so sweet Star Wars X Wing miniatures game. SurfMonkey  had recently bought the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1. How can I pass up a pedigree like that? Then it was  agreed we would play Warhammer Invasion to top off the night. Woo Hoo, what a night! We decided on 126 point squadrons. We quickly chose our ships and upgrades. I insisted he play the Millennium Falcon. After all, it is his game. 
I chose the Imperials and Slave 1. The battle was furious with the advantage shifting back and forth. There were ridiculously good rolls on both sides. I would say with the exception of the Falcon inadvertently leaving the battlefield, it was a clean dogfight. 

In the end, Luke and R2 won the day. And that's okay because R2 deserves it.  Below are my starting squadron and cards, SurfMonkey's starting squadron, and then several pictures of the dogfight in progress. We played on a Banners on the Cheap creation, a vinyl mat with a starfield printed on it. It was perfect for the game. Very cool.

After fighting in a galaxy not so far away, we finished off the night with a single game of Warhammer Invasion. I am currently a rabid fan. SurfMonkey stepped up to the challenge and played the Dwarves vs. my Orcs. The decks were random according to my formula, so it was about the draw and player skill. In the end, the orcs overwhelmed the poor dwarves, and SurfMonkey and I ended the night each with a win in our respective games. 

I am already looking forward to next month when we may finally play Lord of the Rings Card Game. Only Gandalf knows, I suppose. Until next time, good reader, may your ships fly true and the cards never let you down.