Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SurfMonkey Takes an Unexpected Journey in a Race for Adventure

SurfMonkey was over the other Tuesday for our monthly game night. We finally played Lord of the Rings LCG again. This time it was the Hobbit Expansion. We were a bit rusty, but I do love the combination of Tolkien characters with Fantasy Flight cool. 

In the end, the forces of darkness overwhelmed us, but hey, the fun is in the journey...

 Next up was the fast and fun game Race to Adventure by Evil Hat Productions based in the Dinopocalypse pulp universe. We played two games, and both were fast filler fun. Great aesthetics in this game and decent game play that doesn't have a chance to get old. We each won a game.

And then, of course, we finished out the night with a game of Warhammer Invasion. This game has its hooks into me deep. I am slowly completing my collection of all of the expansions and spreading the game to others as much as I can. I am eagerly awaiting the multi player Cataclysm deluxe expansion due soon.