Saturday, June 21, 2014

Journey Into the Star Realms and a Return to Savage Worlds

Over the past couple of days, the boys and I have been playing through a Savage Worlds fantasy adventure. Max was playing a fighter named Indy Knight while Jasper was playing a saurian fighter known as Kobold King.

King Phostos hired them to find and rescue his son from the Lost Labyrinth where the young man disappeared while investigating reports of orcs in the vicinity. 

The heroes with some last minute help from more of Phostos' agents, defeated the evil mage Feltran, capturing him and rescuing the prince.  

Also, since Origins, Max and I have been playing a lot of Star Realms both head-to-head and Co Op. On our Con exclusive play mat! Good times.  

Our Origins Journey: 2014

My birthday weekend was one for the history books as Max, StormBringr, and Kato Katonian piled into StormBringr's Tesla S and headed for the second largest gaming convention in the country: Origins! This trip was the three big people's second trip to the convention and Max's first. It was an amazing time. We met up with Feecha and Joe for dinner on Thursday night at Easton, then played games in our hotel room. As we stayed at the Hilton across the street from the convention center. That is the only way to go. We were able to get way more out of our time at the convention because of our close proximity.

Food at the North Market and Barley's was amazing. Can't wait to eat at either of those places again! 

We got to meet Issac Vega, Sam Healey, Ryan Metzler, Rob Dougherty, Darwin Kastle, Vito Gesualdi, Tom Vasel, Mike Selinker, Mike Mearls, Rodney Thompson, and Colby Dauch.

We also met up with Shaftshooter on Saturday!

The following is a pictorial history of our time there:

Feecha bought us breakfast Sunday morning, and we made our way back to the North. A grand time was had by all.