Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SurfMonkey Brings the Age of War and Sentinel Tactics While I Brought the Coin Age.

SurfMonkey came over on Tuesday for our monthly game night. Now, to clarify, SurfMonkey and I have been sitting at the same game table over the past couple of months, playing Dungeons & Dragons. As fun as that is, of course, it was great to break out some board games. 


After a teaching game of Coin Age, we played the cool little dice game, Age of War. Fantasy Flight Games!


 Sentinel Tactics is a nice hybrid between a board game and a mini game. I enjoyed more than most minis games. For minis, though, I will always go back to my Ganesha Games: Song of Blades and Heroes, Mutants and Death Ray Guns, BattleSworn, and now Power Legion! But, I will say I did enjoy playing superhero battles on the hexes. And hey, it's the Sentinels universe. Can't ever go wrong there!

Finished out with a second game of Coin Age. I really like this simple but deep area control game that travels anywhere. Good game!

That's all until next month. In the mean time, SurfMonkey and I will be playing more D&D. If you haven't checked out the 5th Edition of the world's greatest role playing game, do yourself a favor and do it. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Source of it All

Over the past couple of months, something magical has happened. A lifelong gaming wish has been granted by Wizards of the Coast. That wish was for the perfect version of D&D to be published. Now, I have played Dungeons & Dragons in most of its versions and editions since I was 12. It has been a defining force in my life and probably has had as much an impact on who I am than any other experience. There have been other RPGs; I have even designed a couple of my own. However, D&D was my first and now my greatest gaming love.

This edition is everything I have ever wanted from D&D. Great mechanics, bounded accuracy, theatre of the mind: A busy DM's dream. Wizards are wizards, clerics are clerics, so many options for any style of play, gorgeous art, and pure, unadulterated fun! 

I have only one quibble: The artwork of halflings is not to my liking and borders on offensive for what they have done to my beloved hairfoots. But, I am hoping the portrayal of them evolves back to the halflings of yore in future adventures and supplements. 

In July, the Starter Set came out.  

In August, the Player's Handbook. I have played the game with the former students (and SurfMonkey) at our FLGS. 

I have played with the Red Dragon Gaming Society who is poised to finish the Lost Mine of Phandelver and begin the epic adventure path, Tyranny of Dragons. I have even recruited SurfMonkey into the Society of the Starshield. 

But most importantly, I have been running a campaign for my boys. "Dad. Can we play some D&D?" Music to my ears. 

When I am playing D&D, I feel like I have finally come home. Music to my soul.