Friday, December 27, 2013

Games Played Update...

I haven't been keeping up with the blog as much as I like. I lost my drive to post here, but fear not, I am still playing a ton of games.

Here is what I have been doing since I last posted:

Three nights of SurfMonkey gaming.
A board game night with the Starshield Gaming Society.
Several meetings of the Red Dragon Gaming Society.
Discovered a couple of solo print and play games.

Games I can remember playing:

D&D Next
Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game
The Duke
Warhammer Invasion
Heroes & Perils RPG (my homebrew)
Summoner Wars
Space Hulk: Death Angel
Rune Age
Dungeon Command
King of Tokyo
Zombie Mod of solo game Thermopylae with Fear and Faith mechanics. I call my mod The Last Stand. I have played it four times.
Dino Hunt

There may have been more games, but I think I got them all.

I will return to more regular postings here eventually, but until then, folks, enjoy the remainder of the holiday season. I will see you again in 2014!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013 Last Night on Earth...

On Sunday night we had our annual Halloween game night at Starshield HQ. Iczer, Weezoh, Brigid, Scree, and Zoltar were all in attendance, joined by Zoltar Jr.

This year it was Last Night on Earth by Flying Frog Productions.

I played the quarterback and the stock boy. Then when the stock boy died, I played the butcher, Sam. 

Our group lost the scenario, and we were unable to complete the rite that would have ended the zombie threat. 

Weezoh had painted up the minis, and I thought they looked awesome. It really added a great flavor to the game. 

Looking forward to next year and getting my brains eaten again...or losing my sanity, depending on the world we decide to lose ourselves in. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dungeon!, BattleSworn, & Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Oh, My!

 The boys and I broke out Battle Sworn and took kobolds and the Kobold King vs. Max's Defenders. The kobolds ended up winning when their wyvern's poison felled a fighter, winning the kobolds the day. Love the system!

Next was Classic Dungeon! Max and I took it for a spin. Probably only the second time I have played my copy. It was fun playing with Max and re-living old memories in a new life. My wizard won, by the way. Max lost a fighter and finished the game with a dwarf fighter.

And to the finale of this post: I have successfully finished the first chapter of the Rise of the Runelords pack: Burnt Offerings that came with the Base set of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Kyra and Sajan have defeated the evil outsider who seemed to be behind the goblin attacks, now they await their next holy mission.

In the meantime, I started another 2 characters through the Perils of the Lost Coast path: Merisiel and Amiri. The fair barbarian lass died...again in the first scenario! I replaced her with Seoni. She and the elven rogue have not been able to hunt down the bandit lord. They are going to try again soon. Loving the game. Loving the character advancement through having to swap in better cards. I just love how it plays! Easily the best solo game I have ever played. I hope to get more multi player action in soon.

SurfMonkey on the 29th! Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Fun With the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game!

Since I played this game with SurfMonkey, this game has consumed my thoughts. What characters are Maximan and I going to play? Which characters am I going to play solo? How will Seoni fare in the final scenario of the Perils of the Lost Coast adventure Path? How soon will I be able to crack open the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path deck to continue onto further adventures? 

Well, some of these questions were answered this past weekend.

Maximan and I finally sat down for our first adventure. He chose Valeros 
I chose the wizard Ezren 
We battled valiantly against the bandit king,  Jubrayl Vhiski. And defeated him and brought him to justice, though, his henchmen gave us a problem. 
The great thing about this game is it plays amazing solo. I chose to play two characters for my adventures. First up was the cleric Kyra and the Dwarven Ranger Harsk.

Well, they failed to defeat Jubrayl Vhiski and poor Harsk lost his life! It was a dark day.
Kyra soldiered on, though, recruited a new ally, the barbarian lass, Amiri.

While she was in the city recruiting Amiri, people started dropping from a serial poisoner. They took up their weapons and started investigating the crimes. They found out it was the vile Pillbug. Unfortunately, one of his poison traps proved to be Amiri's undoing, and she succumbed to his toxic concoctions. Kyra avenged her death, though, by finding and defeating him.

While tracking down the poisoner, she also learned of livestock and perhaps a few farmers disappearing out on the fringes of civilization...

She went to her local temple to seek guidance about what her next move should be, when a rather tall, bald monk traveler entered the temple for some meditation time. She knew here was her new adventuring companion, sent by her god.

To Be Continued...

SurfMonkey and I Become Pathfinders

This past Tuesday, I headed over to SurfMonkey HQ for a night of gaming. And what a night it was! We cracked open the brand spankin' new Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Surf played Seelah, the Paladin. I opted for Seoni, the sorceress. 

Being the completists we are, we started at the beginning with the intention of running these characters through until the end...if they don't die, that is.

Our first play through, we were so eager to get to the game we made a big blunder. We just shuffled all the various types of cards and did blind, random draws to meet our characters' starting deck requirements. Oops. We totally forgot our characters had specific beginning deck configurations. Anyway, we found the bandit leader and took him down. Despite having slightly more powerful gear than we should have, we were challenged. 

For our second game, we decided to do things right and re-built our decks properly. We took on the bandit leader again and took him down. 

We had enough time to do the second scenario in the Perils of the Lost Coast adventure path. We took on Pillbug Potiker. And were triumphant, bringing the villain to justice! 

What a fun time this game is! I am loving the improving characters aspect of this game. The most surprising thing about this game is the fact I am constantly thinking about the next game and how the new items, weapons, spells, etc. my character has acquired are going to play the next time we head out seeking adventure. 

Like Summoner Wars, this game has all I love in a game: Fantasy theme, dice rolling, and cards! 

Looking forward to further fun!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quick Update

Been playing Warhammer Invasion and Dungeon Roll. I also picked up the new Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport. Maximan and Dinoman and I played a game with the Undermountain board expansion. 

I am really looking forward to receiving my copy of The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. It sounds like a game I have always wanted to play and from everything I have read, it is. 

I will be heading over to SurfMonkey's place mid-September, and we will be taking it for a spin. 

Until next time, readers, sling those cards and roll some dice. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

BattleSworn: A Pictorial Playtesting Journey...

Maximan66 and I were lucky enough to be chosen to playtest Ganesha Games' newest game BattleSworn. Andrea Sfiligoi designed the game. Frequent readers of this blog will know that we are big fans of his games. Song of Blades and Heroes, Fear and Faith, and Flying Lead in particular are favorites of ours. 

Now, enter BattleSworn. A different take on the miniatures skirmish game. Like Andrea's other games, you are free to use minis you already have, so there is no buying into a line of miniatures sold by the company. I love that business model. It makes wargaming affordable and less stressful. This rule set is not a Song of Blades and Heroes inspired game; it is its own creature. Read the product description from Ganesha Games website by following the link above for more information. 

Maximan66 and I played several games over a couple of weeks time and we really enjoyed it...a lot! For this post, I will chronicle our games through captioned pictures. In most of the session reports, I included the warbands  used in the battles for your convenience. 

Playtest After Action Reports
7/ 22-23/2013


Max’s Defenders
4 Fighters
2 Brutes
2 Shooters
2 Rogues (1 extra shown in the picture was removed once I re counted)
1 Healer
1 Warmage

magehammer’s Maurauders
4 Fighters: Orc Warriors
2 Shooters: Orc Archers
2 Brutes: Orc Berserker / Ogre
1 Tank: Orc Spear shielder
1 Sorceror: Orc Shaman
1 Leader (Tank/Brute): Orc Warchief

Battlefield at beginning with screen removed

Melee combat
Fantasy Flight Games gaming tokens being used as status markers.

Battle done. Defenders crushed!

7/ 23/2013


Max’s Maruaders
4 Fighters: 2 Hobgoblin soldiers; 1 goblin axeman; 1 Bugbear axeman
1 Leader: Hobgoblin Sorcerer / Tank (agreed he had a protective magical
    talisman rather than armor). (Fire Jet, Curse, and
1 Cavalry: Goblin wolf rider
2 Brute/Tank: Arcane Giant; Troll
1 Brute: Demon (despite wings, we didn’t make him a flyer. “Like
   penguins,” said Max.
(We realized too late that he had 13 slots. We played any way.)

magehammer’s Maulers
4 Fighters: Human Footman
2 Shooters: Elven Archers
2 Tanks: Human Knight; Dwarf warrior
1 Healer: Human sage
1 Warmage: Human wizard
1 Leader (Sorcerer/Tank): Human archwizard
(The warrior off to the left in the back row was removed after I re-counted the slots).

Battlefield at beginning with screen removed

Battle done. Marauders  crushed!

7/ 24/2013

Max’s Dwarven Undead Slayers
5 Dwarf Fighters
2 Dwarf Berserkers (Brutes)
2 Dwarf Heavy Infantry (Tanks)
1 Dwarf Cleric (Healer)
1 Dwarf Wizard (Leader / Sorcerer)

Vampire Legion
4 Zombies (Rabble)
4 Skeleton Warriors (Fighters)
2 Skeleton Riders (Cavalry)
1 Vampire Sorcerer (Sorcerer / Tank)

Playtest 3: Battlefield at beginning with screen removed

For our fourth game, we ran the River Runs Red scenario from the rulebook. 

7/ 25/2013
Max’s Raiders
3 Goblin Fighters 1 Hobgoblin Fighter
2 Orc Berserkers (Brutes)
1 Orc Warrior (Tank/Brute)
1 Goblin Wolf Rider (Cavalry)
2 Orc Archers (Shooters)

Defenders of the Red River
4 Human Infantry (Fighters)
2 Human Crossbowmen (Shooters)
2 Human Heavy Infantry (Tanks)
1 Sorcerer
1 Warmage
1 Cleric (Leader / Healer)

Playtest 4: Battlefield at beginning with screen removed

Crossing a ford...

For one of our final playtest games, we decided to try a sci fi bug invasion scenario ala Swatters.

7/ 27/2013
Defenders of Planet X
4 Space Soldiers (Fighters/Shooters)
1 Lieutenant Dan (Shooter)
1 Captain Rex (Leader/Shooter)
1 Medic (Healer)
1 Chewtobacco (Brute)
1 Baccachew (Brute/Shooter)
4 Civilians (Rabble/Shooters)

Bug Raiders
1 Tank/Brute
2 Flyers
4 Warrior Bugs (Fighters)
4 Larva Fighters (Rabble)
1 Brute/Shooter

1 Queen/Brute

Max's Goblins
4 Goblin Fighters
1 Goblin Sniper
1 Troll (Tank/Brute)
1 Goblin Wolfrider (Cavalry)
1 Demon (Flyer/Brute)
1 Ogre (Brute)

Drow Strike Force
1 Drow Cleric of Lloth (Leader/Healer)
1 Drow Wizard (Sorcerer)
2 Drow bowman (Shooters)
2 Drow Assassins (Rogues)
4 Drow Fighters
1 Drow House Weaponsmaster (Tank)

As mentioned in a previous post, I playtested a game with SurfMonkey who was so excited by his experience, he wants to run a superhero battle at our next game night. I am really looking forward to what we come up with for that. But below is the details of the game we played at our last game night. 

4 Human Footman (Fighters)
2 crossbowman (Shooters)
1 Half elf Assassin (Rogue)
1 Heavy Footman (Tank)
1 Cleric (Healer)
1 battlefield general (Leader/ Tank)

My Orcs (Again, I know, but I love my Dungeon Command minis. :))
4 Warriors (Fighters)
2 Archers (Shooters)
1 Barbarian (Brute)
1 Shaman (Sorcerer)
1 Cleric of Grummsh (Healer)
1 Warchief (Leader/Brute)

Max and I also tried a zombies vs. survivors game chronicled below. 

Unfortunately, I didn't record the warbands, but you should be able to get the idea from the pictures below. This scenario was a total blast. The zombies got close, but in the end, the survivors won the day only losing two of their number. One of whom became a zombie himself. The other was put out of his misery before he could turn. 

I  REALLY enjoy this game. It was refreshing not to have to measure. You could focus more on strategy and where to move your forces. Bidding was fresh and exciting. You had to learn to read your opponent and try to guess what he would bid. 

I really like the magic system. A spell list, but little hassle that plays well in-game. 

Combat system is great! Roll a bunch of dice. The hit-misses mechanic is just superb. Evens out the big attacks and makes you think twice about rolling all 6 of those dice! 

It plays well in other genres. The zombie game we played really was one of my favorite sessions. 

I highly recommend this game for those looking for a different kind of miniatures skirmish experience. 

I know I will be playing a lot more of it in the future. Keep your eyes posted here for more BattleSworn and other gaming goodness. Until next time, good reader, roll some dice and have some fun!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Cataclysm Befalls SurfMonkey as He Becomes a Dungeon Hero

It was our monthly game night and Maximan66 got to sit down with SurfMonkey and me for a go at the latest Warhammer Invasion Deluxe expansion which just hit the stores. It allows for a multiplayer experience for Warhammer Invasion games. 

Maximan66 won the night. I think the new rules add a cool dimension to the game and am eager to play it again. Luckily, SurfMonkey will be hitting the Geek Cave again next week!

After the game, SurfMonkey and I play tested a game that is set to release at the end of August. Because I am not sure about how much information the publisher would like me to release, I won't say anything here but to say I have played the game 9 times, and it is an new and awesome experience. Stay tuned!

We finished out the night with this little gem. As it was a successful Kickstarted game, the components were top notch. The game is intriguing, and I want to play it one more time before passing judgment on it. 

Next week more Cataclysm, mystery play testing, and the Duke! See you then, good reader.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SurfMonkey and I Hold a Clinic

   Just a quick update today. I agreed to teach some former students the role-playing game ropes. I invited SurfMonkey to join me as it was on the same date or our monthly gaming meet.

I ran my own role playing game design, Quest & Bones. We had a great time and one of the players has taken on the mantle of game master and will be running my system for his group on a regular basis. Hopefully, my schedule will allow me to sit in and play a session with them in the future. 

Maximan66 and I have been playing a ton of Warhammer Invasion. Kaine82 from the Warhammer forums sent me some bonus capital cards. Maximillian loves them. 

Overall, it has been a great gaming summer. I look forward to even more before the air grows crisp and the leaves begin to turn. 

Until next time, play more Warhammer Invasion!