Friday, July 27, 2012

King of Tokyo: SurfMonkey Brings on a Rune Age While Waging a Summoner's War

On our monthly game night, SurfMonkey and I brought quite a few games to the tables. I suppose with the exception of one game, it was a night of Fillers. Not that there is anything wrong with that...

First up was the fast and furious King of Tokyo! A game I had heard raves about and that, IMHO, lived up to the hype. Dice rolling modified with cards providing special attacks and powers. SurfMonkey and I played two monsters each. 

The only improvement I think it needs is to provide a special ability for each of the monsters as to set them apart. Otherwise, though, it was fun and solid game by the designer of Magic the Gathering. I guess you really can't go wrong with a pedigree like that.

Next up, I exposed SurfMonkey to the fun dice roller, Martian Dice! I pulled out a last minute set of rolls that took me over the 25 point limit and utterly crushed SurfMonkey's hopes of stealing anymore Earthlings. A fun, quick filler that makes me smile when it hits the table.

It had been awhile since this deck builder had hit the table. I had been in the mood for it lately, and I am glad SurfMonkey suggested it. We tried the fully co-op scenario, Cataclysm. Man, is that one hard! We played it three times and only made it to the third stage of the Event deck once. Whew. Was it tough. He was playing the Uthark Yllan, and I the Latari Elves. I always enjoy this game and need to bring it to the table more. 

Although SurfMonkey and I have been playing Summoner Wars to death on the iOS, we still felt it needed to hit the table. If for no other reason than to try out my brand new faction dice! 

As always, it was an epic struggle. I was playing the Sand Goblins vs. his Shadow Elves. In a brilliant ending move, with one of his Summoner bearing down on my Summoner, I used Silts to bring the sneak beat down to Selundar, ending the battle. What a finish! What a game!

What do we have in store for next month? I know not. What I do know is it will be a good time. Until next time, good reader. Play more Summoner Wars!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

IMStuds and Summoner Wars

In between games of Summoner Wars on the iOS, I have managed to sit down for some good old fashioned Summoner Wars with Max. It was weird to switch from digital to cardboard but no less cool. A great game transcends mediums.

Max isn't the only one I have been playing against on the cardboard battlefields of Itharia. My brother, IMStuds was in town, and we managed to sit down for some Summoner Wars goodness of our own.

Now. I have been doing very well against him on the iOS, but how would I do against him face-to-face? 

Turns out I did pretty well:

1st game:

IMStuds: Cloaks

Me: Fallen Kingdom

I won

2nd game: 

IMStuds: Phoenix Elves

Me: Guild Dwarves

I won

3rd Game:

IMStuds: Vanguards

Me: Cave Goblins

I won. He wounded Sneeks

4th Game:

IMStuds: Cave Goblins

Me: Vanguards

I won. He almost won. Sera was beat up.

Good times. It was nice spending quality time with my bro. See you on the virtual battlefields!