Friday, February 7, 2020

Exhausted SurfMonkey Twice! Christmas Vacation Games Galore! And *Gasp* Warhammer 40K!

Christmas has come and gone. Flown by actually. How the heck did February sneak up on me like this?

Lots of gaming going on. Chess, The Duke, Keyforge, Cardfight Vanguard!, and in my 50th year, and with the 8th Edition rules appearing to be new-player friendly and after watching several games of 40K in 30 minutes on YouTube. I took the plunge and bought the First Strike and Know No Fear starter boxes, slapped together some plague marines and primaris space marines, and we played. Great Gamer's Ghost, it's fun!! I have read the novels for years but was always hesitant to take the plunge. Well, the time is now. After our first few games, we bought some pre-painted Orks from ebay and have since played a bit more. I bought some new terrain, too!

Enjoy the photos of the winter gaming times. 

That's if for now. Take care until next time. Now, to return to the 41st Millennium!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Tur-Keyforge!! And Other Games, Too. Oh. And SurfMonkey!

Worlds Collide has dropped, and I feel fine!! I even got an anomaly! I have played as much as I can IRL and on Crucible Online. SurfMonkey and I got in a game of Marvel Champions LCG in between Keyforge games. Ran a tournament at the Red Dragon Tabletop Game Society, and it was sponsored by the fine people at Burger Tokens
I am also still rocking D&D whenever I can. And got in a solo game of Arkham Horror LCG as is my wont during the Halloween season. Enjoy the pics. I am going back to the Crucible!
Image result for worlds collide keyforge

Sunday, August 25, 2019

SurfMonkey Ends Hiatus! Summer Is Over!! Games Happened And Will Continue!!

It was a whirlwind gaming summer! I had a blast running a Tiny Supers campaign, a Tiny Frontiers campaign, a Tiny Living Dead one shot, a D&D 5E campaign, and card and board game fun!

Played a new game by Ohio company ARG Argent Saga. I am intrigued. Going to explore it deeper. Vanguard continues to hit my game table, and there are some great ones on the horizon. It will be a busy Fall gaming time with all the stuff announced at Gen Con hits the shelves. Until next time, sling the cards and roll the dice!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Mid-Summer Break And The Gaming Continues!!

Keyforge: Age of Ascension came out! Woot! 

We also broke out the old Warhammer Invasion for some fun zone burning carnage. 

Cardfight Vanguard continues to be big around here! 

I played through another dungeon of Four Against Darkness: Two of my party died. We had enough, thanks to the Lady in White, to resurrect one of them. 

In other solo news, I played through another game of Deep Space D6 and didn't end well. 

I also played through a solo game of Song of Blades and Heroes. The adventurers defeated Gorsmash's Gutters. 

But the most significant gaming experience in the past month is Capt. Starrex's and my Tine Supers RPG campaign. His Hazard Legion has had some growing pains, but in the end, served up justice. 

The summer is just heating up. Stay tuned for more gaming fun as the long hot summer goes on!