Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Summer Time And I'm Back!!

Though I haven't updated this blog in a loooong while, doesn't mean I haven't been gaming. I've added Crystal Clans and Shards of Infinity to my collection. They are fun! Crystal Clans is the spiritual successor to my beloved Summoner Wars. Shards is a more dynamic Star Realms. 

D&D is going strong in the house and elsewhere. Gaming Society is over for the year but ended well.

So much gaming. SurfMonkey, Stormbringr, The Little Wizards, so many. Enjoy the pictorial history. I'll be making posts more often now that Summer Break is here. And the reboot of Vanguard is only a week away! 

Summer of Games!!! 


Sunday, March 4, 2018

February! Where Did You Go?!?!!

It has been a busy time here at magehammer's Gaming Table. Lots going on with work, school, and family. We did manage to spend some time playing games, but not much time to post. So, consider this catch up time.

The images in this post come from February and March.

That's right! Warhammer Invasion hit the table once again. Can't keep a great game down!!!

SurfMonkey and I managed a game night. 

And my D&D campaign is coming along nicely. The Sunless Citadel has been rediscovered. 

Hopefully, I can get another post in before the end of March. Until then, sling the cards and chuck the dice and stoke the imagination!!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Most Wonderful Time of the Gaming Year!

Christmas has come and gone. Family game time was a huge hit on New Year's Eve night. Before that, though, Max and I managed to get in a game of Star Wars Rebellion using the new Rise of the Empire Expansion he got for Christmas. 

I received much RPG goodness from both my brothers this year and a handy dandy fancy dice treasure chest. I managed only a single solo D&D game session over the busy break, but that's okay as I was spending much of my time with family. 

Christmas season, I will mightily miss you, but I know you're roughly a year away!! Yayyy!!

All right folks, until next time, stay warm and game as much as you can! Great things are on the horizon for me on the gaming front. Stay tuned.