Sunday, April 19, 2020

Tabletop Gaming in the Days of Covid-19

Right before the quarantine, I painted my first Warhammer 40k models. Then Applesaurus Rex and I played a butt load of games during the Stay at Home order. We also managed to sneak in a couple of games of Warhammer Invasion between battles. I am running two Eberron campaigns a week using Google Hangouts. So, gaming goes on for us. I am anticipating playing Cardfight Vanguard via Tabletop Simulator with SurfMonkey soon and Call of Cthulhu LCG with StormBringer via Tabletop Simulator soon as well. Enjoy the pictorial history of our time so far in quarantine. Hope everyone is healthy and safe, and until next time, keep rolling dice and slinging cards!!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Exhausted SurfMonkey Twice! Christmas Vacation Games Galore! And *Gasp* Warhammer 40K!

Christmas has come and gone. Flown by actually. How the heck did February sneak up on me like this?

Lots of gaming going on. Chess, The Duke, Keyforge, Cardfight Vanguard!, and in my 50th year, and with the 8th Edition rules appearing to be new-player friendly and after watching several games of 40K in 30 minutes on YouTube. I took the plunge and bought the First Strike and Know No Fear starter boxes, slapped together some plague marines and primaris space marines, and we played. Great Gamer's Ghost, it's fun!! I have read the novels for years but was always hesitant to take the plunge. Well, the time is now. After our first few games, we bought some pre-painted Orks from ebay and have since played a bit more. I bought some new terrain, too!

Enjoy the photos of the winter gaming times. 

That's if for now. Take care until next time. Now, to return to the 41st Millennium!!!