Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stand Up the Vanguard! And SurfMonkey Gets Pwnd!

Spring Break has broken and Cardfight! Vanguard fever is in full effect here at magehammer's Gaming Table. I have purchased two recent-ish Trial / Start decks and various singles to fill them out. I have been devouring YouTube videos of duels, deck profiles, and Cardfight Online beta duels. 

Once again, this fast and furious game has captured my heart and the hearts of my boys. 

SurfMonkey made it over for our monthly game night. He finally got his brand spankin' new Yu Gi Oh decks to the table. We also worked in an excellent Mage Wars Academy duel. It was a Beastmaster mirror match. SurfMonkey's uncanny ability to roll beyond well in this game was not enough to save him. I am looking forward to next month for more duels. 

Maximan and I even got in a brief game of chess. Games, games, games!!

See you all next time. Thanks for visiting magehammer's Gaming Table. See you next time!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Two Games Return to the magehammer's Gaming Table

Spring Break is here and that means extra free time to spend on playing games! Star Realms and Cardfight! Vanguard are back! 


More games to come in the next week. Stay tuned. SurfMonkey may even put in an appearance...

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Gaming Miscellany

The storm of Yu Gi Oh continues here at magehammer's Gaming Table. I am really digging this game. It basically plays like a fast-paced action movie to Magic's slow but powerful drama. 

We also got a game of Codenames in with Mama Ries! Quality family game time. We played the Two player co op version in the rules.

Then the boys and I also playtested a new design by Maximan. Halo minis skirmish. Worked pretty well. I really enjoyed it.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Weekly Yu Gi Oh Pics!

Cyber Dragons!!!