Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long Winter's Days...

We have had two consecutive days off from school here due to sub zero temperatures. What better way to pass the time than playing games? Monday night I was with the Starshield Gaming Society members, and we finally got the latest incarnation of our D&D Next playtest campaign up and running. Many at the table said they had a really good time. I am absolutely loving what they are doing to my old friend, Dungeons and Dragons. We have one pic below. It is the entrance hall to the Tomb in the Greyfells. The party had just been teleported in via a secret back entrance and were attacked by skeleton guardians...

In addition, over the past two days, we have played Warhammer Invasion and Maximan66's new Lego Lord of the Rings prototype game. I really am enjoying Warhammer Invasion. It just has what I love about CCGs: Deck building variety, strategy, combat, cool art to look at between turn; and eliminates what I hate about CCGs: Spending tons of money to get cards for a competitive deck, and mana screw.

Pictures below narrate our journey through these long, cold winter days:

  Poor Maximan66 defeated on his Capital Board...

 This game was pretty balanced, but in the end, the dwarves proved to be too much for the Greenskins.

OMG! The dwarves were in full mode. By the end of the game, I was generating 11 Resources and drawing 4 cards. There was no stopping them. Two contested Fortresses guaranteed low impact attacks from the orcs. Good times. Poor Maximan66 lost his second of best of three.

There is still more than half a day left in this Cold day off. More games are sure to come. Stay tuned, good reader, and stay warm!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mice and Mystics Followed by an Invasion

The boys and I finally sat down to play a game I had received as a gift from SurfMonkey a few months back. As readers of this blog know, SurfMonkey and I played this one last year when it first came out and it was an enjoyable experience. 

This time around, I wasn't as familiar with the rules as I would have liked to have been, but we muddled through. I did enjoy reading the story introduction to them. The important thing was sharing the gaming experience with my boys. 

Below is a pictorial history of the game. We made it through chapter One. What will await us in Chapter 2? I, of course, will let you know. 

A little time after escaping into the tree in Mice and Mystics, Maximan66 and I sat down to another game of Warhammer Invasion. This time out, Maximan66 played the Dwarves, and I played Chaos. This was a close game with both of us having a zone burning. He was poised to hit me hard, but I pulled two Beasts of Chaos and finished off his Quest zone for an exciting ending to a tense game. Fun times!

Tonight (if weather permits), I will be traveling to Starshield HQ for our weekly game night. On the agenda: Dungeon Command and D&D Next. Should be a great night. Until next time, gamers, Game!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cards! Cards! Cards!

Thursday night Maximan66 and I sat down for a game of Warhammer Invasion. Maximan66 played the High Elves and I took the Dark Elves for a run vs. their ancestral enemies. This game was exciting! Maximan66 got off to a fast start, quickly burning my Quest zone. I was sweating it. Then a few well-timed Tactics cards,  and I was back in it and even ended up using his biggest Unit against him. In the end, I was triumphant.

Saturday the boys and I went on a game shopping trip to a recently opened gaming seller in town. Crystal Dragon Inn. I picked up a playmat for Warhammer Invasion, We Didn't Playtest This Either, and Smash Up! Maxima66 and I sat down for a game on Sunday. He played Pirates and Dinosaurs vs. my Zombies and Robots. Thanks to a Bast power, I was out to a quick lead and ended up smashing poor Maximan66 quickly after that. A fun little filler game that has wizards, ninjas, pirates, zombies, tricksters, robots, aliens, and dinosaurs jockeying for points at various location cards called bases. Quick, silly, filler fun.

Thank for reading. Now for goodness' sake, get back to gaming!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Starshield Boardgame Night and the Return of SurfMonkey

Monday night I traveled to Starshield HQ to introduce Zoltar to a gem of my new Christmas presents: Dungeon Command. I received The Heroes of Cormyr and the Tyranny of Goblins game packs. I love the models in each set and enjoy this cool little skirmish game.

How did Zoltar like it? Well, he was a bit lukewarm about some of the wording on the cards and minis games haven't always been his thing, but I think he enjoyed most of the experience. It didn't help that he was defeated on the field of battle, though...

Then Tuesday was SurfMonkey time! He brought a favorite of his: Pixel Tactics and one I was looking forward to (as was he) Fantasy Flight's Star Wars the Card Game! This game is by the same designer as my beloved Warhammer Invasion, so I had high hopes.

First up was Pixel Tactics. SurfMonkey brought a really cool playmat specifically for the game. He also brought Fantasy Flight game tokens. Curse him! Now I have to go buy these quality, cool game bling that I don't really need! Anyway. My leader in Pixel Tactics allowed me an extra action every time. I felt this ability was a bit too powerful, and I easily dominated poor SurfMonkey's forces. The game was essentially over by the mid-game. He just couldn't keep up.

Then we pulled out Star Wars. We used pre-built decks designed for the first play. As I mentioned before I had high hopes for this game loving both Fantasy Flight and Eric Lang. I was not disappointed! I played the Empire, and if it weren't for running out of cards, I was primed to crush the rebellion.

Next game I am going to have to manage my hand and deck better. It is a solid game with great design and--being a Fantasy Flight production--top notch art and components. The art is all new for this game which is a victory for Fantasy Flight. I love the Force mechanisms and the Edge battles before conflict resolves. All of it combines to bring a lot of depth to the game. 

That's all for now, folks. Back to the gaming table for me. Have a good one; see you soon.. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Family Affair.

 I have declared Thursday night Game night between Kia and me. Now that I have Lords of Waterdeep in the house (thanks, IMStuds), a game I knew Kia would enjoy, I look forward to many more nights in Waterdeep.

The good news is, Kia enjoyed the game; the bad is I won by 7 points. I know she is thirsting for revenge, so next Thursday should be interesting.

Saturday night I got together with the Little Wizards Basement gamers for several hands of Magic the Gathering. I must say I had a kick butt night. We play teams and I was on the winning duo most of the night. Good night of cards, indeed.

Maximan66 and I sat down to yet another clash in the Old World. He piloted the Orcs, and I took the High Elves out for a test drive as I had never played them. I gotta say, for doing the random deck building that we do (25 units, 6 support, 6 tactic, 3 quests, 10 neutrals), my deck was running on all cylinders. 

 The High Elves...

 The Wauugggh! Orcs...

  The High Elves firing away...

 Maximan66 lies defeated next to his defeated capital!

The Starshield Gaming Society meets Monday night, SurfMonkey is scheduled to come over on Tuesday, and Thursday is just around the corner. A week of gaming awaits. I love my hobby! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Max Warhammer Invasion

Just a quick game report. Maximan66 and I played another game of Warhammer Invasion. He played the Dark Elves; I played the Empire. It was a knock-down, drag-out fight...

The battle is engaged...

 The Empire ramps up...

 Maximan66 contemplates his next move...

 The Dark Elves (and Maximan66) triumph! Empire crushed!

Just a little post to record how much fun I am having playing this game. Until next time, kick a Dark Elf. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Season's Gamings!

Over Christmas Break, the Ries household was a flurry with holiday cheer and games galore. I taught Maximan66 how to play Space Hulk: Death Angel. He likes it a lot. We lost our first game but escaped with 4 Space Marines in the second.

Game 2 of Space Hulk Death Angel

I also taught Maximan66 how to play Warhammer: Invasion. He played the Waugh! Orcs. I played the dwarves. It was a learning game for him, but the dwarves did emerge victorious. I am looking forward to more games of W:I. It is a solid game and extremely fun for me. I even ordered more cards with Christmas money. 

Then at Yia Yia's house, we put together a Sentinels of the Multiverse game. The heroes kicked Baron Blade's butt. 

On New Year's Eve, we got together with my brother's family at Grandma and Grandpa's house, IMStuds and I played the game he gifted me for Christmas: Lords of Waterdeep! I really enjoy this game and was ecstatic he bought it for me. We played in my parent's basement like we used to do with other games when we were kids. Nice memories, good time, and he won, kicking my butt quite handily...or is it footily? 

On the second day of 2013, Maximan66 gave to me another game of Death Angel. We played against the Tyranids that Kato Katonian picked me up at Gen Con. They proved to be ridiculously tough on the Deathwing battle brothers.

Maximan66 and I sat down to another game of Warhammer Invasion shortly after our Death Angel game. Maximan66 played the High Elves this time while I played Chaos for the first time. I started off strong and then the High Elves got the upper hand. I didn't draw any units when I needed them and it was over. My zones burned! I am loving this game the more I play it.

Later that day, after dinner, we sat down for another game of Sentinels of the Multiverse!

The next visit to the game table found Maximan66 and I taking on the role of Lords of Waterdeep. Unlike my ill-fated game against IMStuds, I ended up on the winning end of this game. Triumph on the Field of Victory! 178 Victory Points to 157. Maximan66 proved to be a worthy opponent!

On Saturday before the return to school, I was able to tear Maximan66 away from his Mindstorms long enough to get in another game of Warhammer: Invasion. He played his High Elves while I played the Orcs for the first time.

The game was fast and furious, but in the end with a Rock Lobber, the Greenskins burned the High Elves capital.

On Sunday evening, we sat down for the final game of the holidays. It was a Sentinels of the Multiverse game. Maximan66 played Legacy and Bunker, while I played Ambuscade's nemesis, Haka, and ExPatriette vs. Ambuscade in Megalopolis. He put up a fight, but ultimately, the heroes were triumphant.

It was a great holiday for family and gaming. Hoping you all had a joyous season. Now into the winter, a traditionally fertile season for gaming. Can't wait. Between the Starshield Gaming Society, the Little Wizards Basement Gamers, SurfMonkey, Maximan66, and the Red Dragon Gaming Society, I am one fortunate gamer. 

Until next time, good gamers, may your cards sling the way you want and your dice love you.