Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cards! Cards! Cards!

Thursday night Maximan66 and I sat down for a game of Warhammer Invasion. Maximan66 played the High Elves and I took the Dark Elves for a run vs. their ancestral enemies. This game was exciting! Maximan66 got off to a fast start, quickly burning my Quest zone. I was sweating it. Then a few well-timed Tactics cards,  and I was back in it and even ended up using his biggest Unit against him. In the end, I was triumphant.

Saturday the boys and I went on a game shopping trip to a recently opened gaming seller in town. Crystal Dragon Inn. I picked up a playmat for Warhammer Invasion, We Didn't Playtest This Either, and Smash Up! Maxima66 and I sat down for a game on Sunday. He played Pirates and Dinosaurs vs. my Zombies and Robots. Thanks to a Bast power, I was out to a quick lead and ended up smashing poor Maximan66 quickly after that. A fun little filler game that has wizards, ninjas, pirates, zombies, tricksters, robots, aliens, and dinosaurs jockeying for points at various location cards called bases. Quick, silly, filler fun.

Thank for reading. Now for goodness' sake, get back to gaming!

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