Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long Winter's Days...

We have had two consecutive days off from school here due to sub zero temperatures. What better way to pass the time than playing games? Monday night I was with the Starshield Gaming Society members, and we finally got the latest incarnation of our D&D Next playtest campaign up and running. Many at the table said they had a really good time. I am absolutely loving what they are doing to my old friend, Dungeons and Dragons. We have one pic below. It is the entrance hall to the Tomb in the Greyfells. The party had just been teleported in via a secret back entrance and were attacked by skeleton guardians...

In addition, over the past two days, we have played Warhammer Invasion and Maximan66's new Lego Lord of the Rings prototype game. I really am enjoying Warhammer Invasion. It just has what I love about CCGs: Deck building variety, strategy, combat, cool art to look at between turn; and eliminates what I hate about CCGs: Spending tons of money to get cards for a competitive deck, and mana screw.

Pictures below narrate our journey through these long, cold winter days:

  Poor Maximan66 defeated on his Capital Board...

 This game was pretty balanced, but in the end, the dwarves proved to be too much for the Greenskins.

OMG! The dwarves were in full mode. By the end of the game, I was generating 11 Resources and drawing 4 cards. There was no stopping them. Two contested Fortresses guaranteed low impact attacks from the orcs. Good times. Poor Maximan66 lost his second of best of three.

There is still more than half a day left in this Cold day off. More games are sure to come. Stay tuned, good reader, and stay warm!

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