Sunday, January 6, 2013

Season's Gamings!

Over Christmas Break, the Ries household was a flurry with holiday cheer and games galore. I taught Maximan66 how to play Space Hulk: Death Angel. He likes it a lot. We lost our first game but escaped with 4 Space Marines in the second.

Game 2 of Space Hulk Death Angel

I also taught Maximan66 how to play Warhammer: Invasion. He played the Waugh! Orcs. I played the dwarves. It was a learning game for him, but the dwarves did emerge victorious. I am looking forward to more games of W:I. It is a solid game and extremely fun for me. I even ordered more cards with Christmas money. 

Then at Yia Yia's house, we put together a Sentinels of the Multiverse game. The heroes kicked Baron Blade's butt. 

On New Year's Eve, we got together with my brother's family at Grandma and Grandpa's house, IMStuds and I played the game he gifted me for Christmas: Lords of Waterdeep! I really enjoy this game and was ecstatic he bought it for me. We played in my parent's basement like we used to do with other games when we were kids. Nice memories, good time, and he won, kicking my butt quite handily...or is it footily? 

On the second day of 2013, Maximan66 gave to me another game of Death Angel. We played against the Tyranids that Kato Katonian picked me up at Gen Con. They proved to be ridiculously tough on the Deathwing battle brothers.

Maximan66 and I sat down to another game of Warhammer Invasion shortly after our Death Angel game. Maximan66 played the High Elves this time while I played Chaos for the first time. I started off strong and then the High Elves got the upper hand. I didn't draw any units when I needed them and it was over. My zones burned! I am loving this game the more I play it.

Later that day, after dinner, we sat down for another game of Sentinels of the Multiverse!

The next visit to the game table found Maximan66 and I taking on the role of Lords of Waterdeep. Unlike my ill-fated game against IMStuds, I ended up on the winning end of this game. Triumph on the Field of Victory! 178 Victory Points to 157. Maximan66 proved to be a worthy opponent!

On Saturday before the return to school, I was able to tear Maximan66 away from his Mindstorms long enough to get in another game of Warhammer: Invasion. He played his High Elves while I played the Orcs for the first time.

The game was fast and furious, but in the end with a Rock Lobber, the Greenskins burned the High Elves capital.

On Sunday evening, we sat down for the final game of the holidays. It was a Sentinels of the Multiverse game. Maximan66 played Legacy and Bunker, while I played Ambuscade's nemesis, Haka, and ExPatriette vs. Ambuscade in Megalopolis. He put up a fight, but ultimately, the heroes were triumphant.

It was a great holiday for family and gaming. Hoping you all had a joyous season. Now into the winter, a traditionally fertile season for gaming. Can't wait. Between the Starshield Gaming Society, the Little Wizards Basement Gamers, SurfMonkey, Maximan66, and the Red Dragon Gaming Society, I am one fortunate gamer. 

Until next time, good gamers, may your cards sling the way you want and your dice love you.


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