Sunday, January 13, 2013

Family Affair.

 I have declared Thursday night Game night between Kia and me. Now that I have Lords of Waterdeep in the house (thanks, IMStuds), a game I knew Kia would enjoy, I look forward to many more nights in Waterdeep.

The good news is, Kia enjoyed the game; the bad is I won by 7 points. I know she is thirsting for revenge, so next Thursday should be interesting.

Saturday night I got together with the Little Wizards Basement gamers for several hands of Magic the Gathering. I must say I had a kick butt night. We play teams and I was on the winning duo most of the night. Good night of cards, indeed.

Maximan66 and I sat down to yet another clash in the Old World. He piloted the Orcs, and I took the High Elves out for a test drive as I had never played them. I gotta say, for doing the random deck building that we do (25 units, 6 support, 6 tactic, 3 quests, 10 neutrals), my deck was running on all cylinders. 

 The High Elves...

 The Wauugggh! Orcs...

  The High Elves firing away...

 Maximan66 lies defeated next to his defeated capital!

The Starshield Gaming Society meets Monday night, SurfMonkey is scheduled to come over on Tuesday, and Thursday is just around the corner. A week of gaming awaits. I love my hobby! 

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