Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Starshield Boardgame Night and the Return of SurfMonkey

Monday night I traveled to Starshield HQ to introduce Zoltar to a gem of my new Christmas presents: Dungeon Command. I received The Heroes of Cormyr and the Tyranny of Goblins game packs. I love the models in each set and enjoy this cool little skirmish game.

How did Zoltar like it? Well, he was a bit lukewarm about some of the wording on the cards and minis games haven't always been his thing, but I think he enjoyed most of the experience. It didn't help that he was defeated on the field of battle, though...

Then Tuesday was SurfMonkey time! He brought a favorite of his: Pixel Tactics and one I was looking forward to (as was he) Fantasy Flight's Star Wars the Card Game! This game is by the same designer as my beloved Warhammer Invasion, so I had high hopes.

First up was Pixel Tactics. SurfMonkey brought a really cool playmat specifically for the game. He also brought Fantasy Flight game tokens. Curse him! Now I have to go buy these quality, cool game bling that I don't really need! Anyway. My leader in Pixel Tactics allowed me an extra action every time. I felt this ability was a bit too powerful, and I easily dominated poor SurfMonkey's forces. The game was essentially over by the mid-game. He just couldn't keep up.

Then we pulled out Star Wars. We used pre-built decks designed for the first play. As I mentioned before I had high hopes for this game loving both Fantasy Flight and Eric Lang. I was not disappointed! I played the Empire, and if it weren't for running out of cards, I was primed to crush the rebellion.

Next game I am going to have to manage my hand and deck better. It is a solid game with great design and--being a Fantasy Flight production--top notch art and components. The art is all new for this game which is a victory for Fantasy Flight. I love the Force mechanisms and the Edge battles before conflict resolves. All of it combines to bring a lot of depth to the game. 

That's all for now, folks. Back to the gaming table for me. Have a good one; see you soon.. 

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