Monday, January 21, 2013

Mice and Mystics Followed by an Invasion

The boys and I finally sat down to play a game I had received as a gift from SurfMonkey a few months back. As readers of this blog know, SurfMonkey and I played this one last year when it first came out and it was an enjoyable experience. 

This time around, I wasn't as familiar with the rules as I would have liked to have been, but we muddled through. I did enjoy reading the story introduction to them. The important thing was sharing the gaming experience with my boys. 

Below is a pictorial history of the game. We made it through chapter One. What will await us in Chapter 2? I, of course, will let you know. 

A little time after escaping into the tree in Mice and Mystics, Maximan66 and I sat down to another game of Warhammer Invasion. This time out, Maximan66 played the Dwarves, and I played Chaos. This was a close game with both of us having a zone burning. He was poised to hit me hard, but I pulled two Beasts of Chaos and finished off his Quest zone for an exciting ending to a tense game. Fun times!

Tonight (if weather permits), I will be traveling to Starshield HQ for our weekly game night. On the agenda: Dungeon Command and D&D Next. Should be a great night. Until next time, gamers, Game!

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