Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Power Legion is a Hit!

Finally got two games of Power Legion to the table. The first game Dinoboy played Alex Drake and Maximan played Ambush. I played Morlock and the Dark Infernal. All characters are statted in earlier posts.

The battle commenced with Ambush taking and firing from cover. She pretty much took out Morlock before he could do much. Dark Infernal closed with Alex Drake and the two pummeled and flamed each other until finally Alex Drake brought the heinous villain low.

The second game we played took place in a ruined city after an alien attack. There were craters everywhere (Newly bought Pegasus Hobbies terrain and on my new 2' x 3' Zuzzy Wounded City battle mat).

In this game we played 4 models to a side: The boys played the following heroes (all statted in a previous post except Stonewall whose stats are provided below): Dinoboy was playing Alex Drake and Freezer Burn, while Maximan was playing Stonewall and Ambush.

I played Lord Dominus, Ogre, Battle Ape, and K'Thund. Battle Ape's stats were published in a previous post the other three characters are below for your convenience.

Stonewall mini.jpgStonewall (606 pts.)
M: d6 A: d6  S: d12  K: d12
Traits:   Reinforced Rock Body: d12, Toughness
Ace: Breather

Lord Dominus ( 780 pts.)
M: d12 A: d6  S: d4  K: d8
Traits: Telepathy d12, Telekinesis d10, Strong Will d12, Armor d8, Tactics d8, MasterMind d10, Leadership d8
Ace: Mind Game

Ogre ( 436 pts.)
M: d4 A: d8  S: d12  K: d12
Traits:   Tough Skin: d8, Toughness, Easy Target
Ace: Haymaker

K’Thund ( 647 pts.)
M: d4 A: d8  S: d12  K: d12
Traits:   Tough Skin: d8, Toughness, Sonic Attack d10, Berserk Fury
Ace: Revenge

Here are some pics from the fight:

Battle Ape fell first having taken arrows from Ambush and an ice blast from Freezer Burn. He couldn't catch a break. Lord Dominus mind controlled Freezer Burn while K'Thund and Stonewall clashed. Stonewall eventually got the better of K'Thund (who had taken several arrows before closing with Stonewall), sending the beast to sleepy time land. Lord Dominus held out a bit longer having taken control of Stonewall, but a direct hit from Ambush ended his domination. Ogre stood until the very end, but finally fell under a pummeling from the heroes. 

In the games we used a Damage Effects Table I put together. If you are interested in using it in your own Power Legion games click HERE . I was really happy with how the table worked in combat. It added an extra layer of tension and structure to the damage roll.

In other news, we have brought X Wing to the table for a few skirmishes over the past couple of days. I forgot how fun this game is. Maximan is especially enamored with it. We just bought an E Wing at our FLGS. Here are some pictures of our dogfights. 

In the coming days there will be more games. Power Legion, X Wing? Who knows, but one thing for sure, the gaming table will be crowded. Until next time, dear reader, keep the dice rolling!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Power Legion: Villain Line Up 1

The Darklings first appeared after the dimensional rift was opened in Newopolis by the Rifter. They now roam the land, sowing chaos and fear wherever they go.

    Rage Zombie (636 pts.)

Mind: d4  Agility: d6  Strength: d12  Knockout: d12 

TraitsArmor: Tough Skin d8, Berserk Fury, Toughness, Regeneration d8

Ace: Bulletproof

Morlock (474 pts.)

Mind: d6  Agility: d6  Strength: d12  Knockout: d10

Traits: Power Suppression d10, Toughness, Superleap d8, Strong Will d8 

Ace: Revenge 

The Dark Infernal (800 pts.)
Mind: d6  Agility: d8  Strength: d10  Knockout: d10
Traits: Infernal Armor: Reinforced d10, Ranged Damage: Fire / Device d8, Lethal HtH Infernal Spear D10, Intimidation d8, Strong Will d8, Tactics d8


Battle Ape  (612 pts.)

Mind: d6  Agility: d10  Strength: d10  Knockout: d10

TraitsBerserk Fury, Acrobat, Lethal HtH: Battle Bracers/Device D12, Retain the INitiative,  SuperLeap d8
Ace: Haymaker

Next up: Play report!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Power Legion: Roll Call 2

Here is another group of original heroes statted up for your gaming pleasure.

Ambush ( 795  pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d10  Strength: d8   Knockout: d8

Traits: Invisibility, Ranged Attack: Longbow/Device d12, Marksman d12, Gadget d10, Tactics d8

Ace: Rapid Fire

Freezer Burn (594  pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d8 Strength: d6 Knockout: d8

Traits: Ice Generation: d12: Trick: Ice Armor

Ace: Clothesline

Agent W (704  pts.)
Mind: d8 Agility: d8 Strength: d6 Knockout: d8
Armor: Kevarmor: d8, Martial Arts d10, Tactics d10, Ranged Weapon/Device Twin pistols d8, Marksman d10, Gadget d8, Stealth d8, Slippery

Ace: Mind Game

Talon (516   pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d12  Strength: d8  Knockout: d8

Armor: Alien Creature Hide d8, Flight d12, Flying Kick d10, Armor Piercing Lethal HtH: Lethal Talons d10, Difficult Target

Ace: Evasion

Coming up next: Play reports and perhaps some villains!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Power Legion: Roll Call 1

Summer time means games.

Especially games I don't get to throughout the busier parts of the year. I bought Power Legion when it came out and was very excited about it. It is a cool system for supers combat on the tabletop using all of the polyhedral dice most gamers have lying around the house.

As soon as I perused the rules, I immediately converted my Supers! RPG original characters to the Power Legion system, dug up some pre-painted D&D and Star Wars miniatures who could pass as those characters and prepared to play a game...That game never happened.

A few months passed, and my interest was re-kindled in the game. I wanted to buy a print copy, and recently, Ganesha Games offered up a Lulu.com sale on his books, so I went for it. Now with my PDF copy and print copy, the boys and I are gearing up for some super brawls. We played an introductory skirmish the other night to see the rules in action. Finally, the game was on the table! And it is fun!

That night, I plundered my mini collection for the most super-looking minis I could find and statted up a bunch. The boys and I are going to sit down for a few more brawls in the coming days. I have decided to give you all a look at the characters who will be populating our tabletop battlefield. Enjoy:

  Kar-a-Tee ( 806 pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d10  Strength: d8  Knockout: d10

Traits: Martial Arts d12, Flying Kick, Acrobat, Strong Will d12, Boost, Lethal HTH Weapon/Device: Katana d10, Weapon Master d12
 Ace: Indomitable

Tough Girl  ( 516 pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d8  Strength: d10  Knockout: d12

Traits: Armor: Tough Skin d12, Toughness, Strong Will d 10
Ace: Indomitable

Alex Drake (756  pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d8  Strength: d10  Knockout: d10

Traits: Fire Ranged Breath Weapon d10, Immune to Fire, Armor: Dragon Scales d10, Lethal Weapon: Bite d8, Lethal Weapon: Magic Mace /Device d10, Armor Piercing.
Ace: Breather

Mecha-Man ( 912 pts.)
Mind: d10 Agility: d10  Strength: d10  Knockout: d12

Traits: Artificial, Armor: d10, Combat Computer, Ranged Attack: Ion Blasters d10, Marksman d12, Radar Sense, Smokescreen, Superleap d8, Tactics d8

Ace: Rapid Fire

That's it for now. I will be posting more characters, including the Unstoppables (my Supers! RPG characters) and play reports here in the coming days.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Until next time, Game on!