Monday, June 8, 2015

Starshield Boardgame Knights Invade the Geek Cave

Weezoh and Brigid were in town, so the Starshield Boardgame Knights took the opportunity to gather around the tabletop deep in the bowels of the Geek Cave for some old fashioned board and card games. 

Weezoh and I got in a pre-game night hand of Call of Cthulhu. Weezoh played my mono Shub deck while I pulled out the Government Agency deck. It was hard fought struggle as the agents of humanity strove mightily against the fecund forces of the Great Mother. In the end, humanity won but by a slim margin. Man stood on the precipice of extinction but was pulled back before he could topple into the abyss of madness. Love that game!

First up was a new hotness: Libertalia! Yarrrr! A role selection game placing us all in the roles of various personalities from the hey day of piracy. Yarrrr!!!

We moved from the vast seas to the monster-infested streets of Tokyo. Scree joined us for this one and wonder upon wonder, the stars must have aligned (or the world is ending), but Iczer6 won!!!!!!

 Here he is documenting his win. I have a feeling he will be bragging about this victory to his co workers at Giant Eagle...

SurfMonkey brought our next title: The Dice Tower Essentials darling, Sheriff of Nottingham. I enjoyed the bluffing and funny ways we all tried to convince the Sheriff to let us pass. However, everyone went Gandalf on me (Thou shall not pass!!!), and I came in dead last.

We finished out a most excellent game night with the star-faring deck builder, Star Realms. It was everyone's but mine first time playing multi player. We chose the Hunter (attack to the left) game variant and had a great time. Iczer6 and Brigid did great for their first game with Brigid eradicating Iczer6 and me in one turn. But her husband won the Realms with a culled out deck via Machine Cult craftiness. Well done!

Always a pleasure to game with good friends. Looking forward to the next game night! Game on, Knights, Game on!

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  1. Was a seriously great evening! I wish the Star Realms app did multiplayer. Definitely a game that benefits from the app translation.