Monday, May 30, 2016

Creating Game Memories Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday night I went to Zoltar's place to sit down with the Starshield Boardgame Knights for a night of Seven Wonders and Codenames. It was great to be in the same space with everyone again and to meet a new friend. 

Then Monday I go down stairs to find Max at magehammer's Gaming Table making a character to play solo sessions of D&D. That so warms my gamer heart! He made a 2 weapon wielding fighter named Major Verne. Apparently, Major had some trouble on his adventure. I look forward to seeing where Max's solo adventures take him. 

I also made time all weekend for some solo Cardfighting. Ahh, Gear Chronicle!

Monday found us at Grandma and Grandpa's house for a leisurely afternoon filled with conversation, food, and games. Max and I clashed on the mountaintop dojo of Onitama (Max won, btw).

We also introduced Grandma and Grandpa to Codenames. The boys took their turn as spymasters. So much family fun!

Until next post, folks, keep on chuckin' dice and slingin' cards.

Friday, May 27, 2016

SurfMonkey and I Spend an Evening on Cray. Plus, Games With My Boys

SurfMonkey and I got together for our monthly game nights and spent the whole evening on the Planet Cray. Cardfight Vanguard cards were flying all over the place. Stand Up, Drive Check, Guard, Damage Check. Good times!

I have really enjoyed my return to this game and am glad I have infected SurfMonkey with the Vanguard bug. It really is a fun game!!!! Looking forward to more Cardfighting next time!

The boys and I have also been playing games when we can. Onitama and Vanguard in the House!

Until next time folks, play some games. Also, summer break approaches. Games galore, folks. Games galore.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Solo Cardfighting!

Sometimes you want to play, but there's no one around. So, I developed some solo rules. Eventually I will write them down and share. Until then enjoy these beautiful images: