Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Snowy Trek to SurfMonkey's Academy of Games

I braved the cold and the snow and trekked down to SurfMonkey's Lair for our monthly evening of gaming goodness. 

The night began with two games of Mage Wars Academy. For the first game, I played my totally original and--as it turns out--totally weak Beast Master Spellbook. I learned the power of having armor for my mage. SurfMonkey steamrolled me. 

 For the second game of the evening, I played my tweaked Wizard's Spellbook. I fared much better in this game and if not for a late-game misplay (attacked when I should have guarded), I have no doubt I would have defeated SurfMonkey's Beastmaster. But as it was, he finished me off.

After that I introduced SurfMonkey to the venerable TCG Yu Gi Oh! He had watched the anime, so was slightly familiar with the game, though he had never played it.

We played a couple of my decks against each other and had a great time!

I count those duels as learning ones. Next time, he shall feel the full wrath of my monsters! Also, I am hoping he picks up some of his own cards, so he can make his own decks and truly try to claim the title of King of Games!

And, of course, Max and I have been playing frequently. Jasper has built a couple of his own decks, and I hope to meet him across the field for a duel soon as well.

Until next time, dear reader, keep on chucking dice and slinging cards!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Duel Monsters in Da House!!!!

 After breaking out my decks and dueling at Red Dragon Tabletop Game Society at the last session, I bought Yu Gi Oh! The Legacy of the Duelist for our XBOX One. Many digital duels, of course, led me to breaking out the cards and buying more cards for the boys and me. We have begun to go down the path to become the Kings of Games. We have been having a really good time with Yu Gi Oh...I am especially loving it even though Max beats me consistently. Truly fun times!

We have even found time for some more dungeon crawling. D&D forever!