Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SurfMonkey Was in the Cards

SurfMonkey made it through the pleasant weather to participate in our monthly game night. We have both come into card games recently and needed to get them to the table.


First up, Epic! We played two faction games with me winning two hard fought duels. We played a third game after playing VS. System 2PCG with the demigod cards. That was an epic (see what I did there), knock down, tooth and claw, drag down fight. Both of us in single digits, I eked out a win at the last second. Great fun!

We played one game of VS. He played the Avengers, and I played the villains. Capt. America vs. Loki. My first time playing Loki. I just couldn't get the Plot Twist engine going. He probably is not the best choice for the suggested villain deck. I look forward to building a deck around him eventually once the pre-constructs have run their course. 

I am already looking forward to next month. More cards and maybe we will pull out a board game...maybe. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Autumn Time and the Gaming Is Easy...

The boys' campaign continues as they cleared the Dungeon of Crane the Sorcerer. They have now been mysteriously been whisked to a snowed in cave somewhere. Giants seem to be a hazard in this cave...

More solo CoC LCG fun. I took my newly built Order of the Silver Twilight mono deck vs. the evil minion, piloting my Cthulhu deck. Cthulhu's minions ate my head.

Maximan and I pulled out the Demigod cards and their decklists and played two games. The demigods were fun. I think I may want to build my own decks with them, but I guess that's not the point. They added a small twist to play. Can't wait to play with them some more. 


Cthulhu destroyed the Lodge...again. 

As the season slogs on, I shall escape more and more to the tabletop and my dice and my cards. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Games On!

The boys campaign continues as the heroes tackle the Dungeon of Crane the Sorcerer. 

  Max and I continue to explore this fun superhero card fest, Vs. System 2PCG

Max and I continue to play Epic Card Game. Random and mono faction decks have been fun: 
Next up: Max wants to build a deck...

And I just picked this up today at Crystal Dragon Hobbies...

And SurfMonkey this week: I will keep you posted...