Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SurfMonkey Was in the Cards

SurfMonkey made it through the pleasant weather to participate in our monthly game night. We have both come into card games recently and needed to get them to the table.


First up, Epic! We played two faction games with me winning two hard fought duels. We played a third game after playing VS. System 2PCG with the demigod cards. That was an epic (see what I did there), knock down, tooth and claw, drag down fight. Both of us in single digits, I eked out a win at the last second. Great fun!

We played one game of VS. He played the Avengers, and I played the villains. Capt. America vs. Loki. My first time playing Loki. I just couldn't get the Plot Twist engine going. He probably is not the best choice for the suggested villain deck. I look forward to building a deck around him eventually once the pre-constructs have run their course. 

I am already looking forward to next month. More cards and maybe we will pull out a board game...maybe. 

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