Saturday, October 22, 2011

Maxi Man and the Sentinels of the Multiverse!

Max and I played a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse today. He played Tempest, while I took on the roles of Legacy and Fanatic. That girl with wings is becoming my favorite hero to play! She has decent damage dealing with excellent healing, and Aegis of Resurrection and Wrathful Retribution are becoming my favorite cards. 

Max chose Tempest because he said the hero looked like Kit Fisto (and he does). Cool, huh? We fought Baron Blade on Insular Primalis. Dinosaurs were flying at us left and right, some stealing our stuff. Cool comic book fun. At one point in the game, Max used Chain Lightning and said, "No way," to how much damage Tempest was dealing out with it. I think he liked the game...I know I liked playing it with him.

In the end we were victorious over the fiendish Baron. Looking forward to more games with my son, Maxi Man.  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

SurfMonkey's Museum Tour Ends in Super Villain Battles

It is the Lovecraft time of year. SurfMonkey came over for our monthly gaming session. We started out with one of my new favorites, Elder Sign. The weather outside was frightful and so were the monsters inside...the Arkham Museum that is...

 SurfMonkey started out with the magician Drake, and I began with Ashcan Pete and poor Duke, of course. Wow! They did not live very long. The We Need Help adventure proved to be devastating as we attempted to unlock our red die. Before we knew it, SurfMonkey was playing Harvey Walters and I was playing Gloria Goldberg.
 Then I was playing Carolyn Fern and SurfMonkey was playing Bob Jenkins.
 Well, none of these poor souls were a match for Yog-Sothoth. He devoured us in record time.

From the rainy streets of Arkham, we then proceeded to the Ruins of Atlantis where our heroic alter egos were pitted against the evil Baron Blade. 

The Baron gave our heroes a titanic battle, but in the end...
 The Baron was brought low by the combined forces of good! Take that, villain!
 SurfMonkey stayed with Bunker and Tempest for our second game. I opted for two heroes I hadn't played before: Fanatic and Ra.
 This game also marked my first foray against a new villain for me: Omnitron. What a cool villain! Love the melding of its theme and mechanics. Brilliant!
 This battle did not goes as well as our tussle with the Baron. By the end, Bunker and Tempest were down...
 Ra had been vanquished...
 Only Fanatic with a single thread of life stood standing.
She blasted Omnitron with Wrathful Retribution. Then with the help of Bunker, two Rounds later, she blasted Omnitron and its swarm of drones out of existence with Wrathful Retribution again! An awesome end to an awesome battle!
 We capped off our night of excellent gaming with a cup of Zombie Dice. Ahhh...the comforts of gaming, how I love thee.

Until next time, faithful readers, may the cards and dice fall your way and may you play, play, play.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Starshield Boardgaming Knights: A Voyage Through the Multiverse and Other Stories

It was that time of the week again when our gaming group, The Starshield Gaming Society, assembled for its weekly gaming session. Taking a break from the RPG grind, we opted for board games. Many new games have hit the table lately, and this night was no exception.

We started out with what is becoming our warm-up game of choice: 7 Wonders. I had a miserable game and tied for last with Zoltar. Grez was the winner this night. Congrats, man. 

From the ancient world to the multiverse. I brought to the table the uber-cool card game Sentinels of the Multiverse, which is swiftly becoming one of my favorite games! The mixture of super hero goodness, excellent artwork, and awesome cooperative play leave me thirsting for more!

For the first game I played Bunker. Mage went with Ra, and MooseCadet played the Fanatic. We were trying to stop Baron Blade in Megalopolis. This game I tracked hit points with dice instead of the poker chips I used in my previous game. It went much better with the dice. 

Before I knew it, the Baron's 2 Backlash Fields had taken their toll on poor Bunker, and he was the first to fall. The others didn't survive too much longer after that. We did manage to flip the Baron, turning him into the Vengeful Mad Scientist, and he did have his vengeance. 

Next up, Weezoh traded places with MooseCadet at the Settlers of Catan table where Zoltar finished off the rest of the Society pretty quickly. We were at the beginning of our game, however, and continued on to try to defeat the Baron again; this time on Insula Primalis. I played Absolute Zero, Mage played Haka, and Weezoh piloted Tempest. I told Weezoh that Tempest was sort of like Aquaman. He said, "If they can make Aquaman cool, then it's a good game." We did realize, however, before the end of the game that Tempest is a mix between Storm and Aquaman. Either way, Weezoh loved the game. 

 I, of course, was the first too fall. I never really got Absolute Zero up and running. Couldn't get the synergy needed in the combination between his equipment and elemental powers to make him effective. We flipped the Baron, but he--in the end--defeated us heroes, once again destroying the Earth with the moon. 

Insula Primalis was brutal on us. Lots of dinosaurs chomping at us and foliage hindering us. I really enjoy this game! The narrative and cooperative aspects really shine for me. In fact, as I type these words, I really just want to be down in the Geek Cave playing it solo. I am very excited for the expansion, Rook City, which according to the forums at Greater Than Games, will be showing up on Kickstarter any day now! Looking forward to another crack at Baron Blade. Can't wait!

At the other table, the other half of the Society finished up a longish game of Quarriors! In the end, MooseCadet was Queen of the Quarries and head Quarrior! Excellent end to an excellent night.

Thanks for visiting my gaming table. Until next time, good reader, may the dice fall your way and may you play, play, play!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

To the Geek Cave! Sentinels of the Multiverse Hits My Gaming Table: An Unboxing and First Solo Session

My copy of this much-anticipated game arrived on Friday. I unboxed it and got down to a game today. Here are the results of my adventure with the Sentinels of the Multiverse...

The Unboxing:

 (The cards were sealed in really convenient, tear-away plastic shrink wrap. A nice, appreciated touch.)

All of the cards unpacked and organized...

My storage solution...

My First Game: Solo.

For my first game, I chose to fight Baron Blade in Megalopolis.

I went with 3 heroes instead of the suggested 4. The rulebook states it's possible for the game to be played with 3 heroes. I went with 3 as I heard there is a bit of stat tracking in this game and thought that 3 would mean less to keep track of.

The heroes were: 




The Wraith

Here is a pic of my set up... 

The battle began in earnest. Baron Blade, his inventions, and minions pummeled the heroes who did their best to defeat the evil mastermind...

Bunker is the first to fall...

Eventually, the heroes are defeated by the evil Baron Blade. They have retreated to nurse their wounds, so that they may return to the fray as quickly as possible. Super heroes always live to fight another day...

What I Didn't Like:

One criticism of the game is that there is a lot to track and keep track of as the cards constantly change the game space. In a solo game, this minor quibble of a criticism is amplified. I am curious to see how much of a factor this aspect of the game is in multiplayer.

What I Did Like: 

For me, theme is everything. This game is dripping in theme! It really does feel like a slugfest between a super villain and his minions vs. a group of heroes. Having been obsessed with superhero comics since I was 5, this game appeals to the superhero fan in me perfectly. 

I love the artwork! It is perfect for capturing the superhero comic book feel of the game. Brilliant! 

The fact it is a card game is a huge plus for me, uberfan of card games. Being a card game also makes it extremely and conveniently portable. 

The re playabilitly out of the box is amazing. Ten distinct heroes, four super villains, four environments will keep any gamer busy for several plays. 

The potential for expandability is infinite as well: More heroes, villains, and environments. 

I used poker chips to track damage and beads to track buffs. I am going to try dice for tracking damage my next game. 

Well, there are my initial thoughts on this most excellent game. I hope to try it out with the Starshielders on Monday night. I have a feeling this game is definitely up the alley of at least a couple of the Society's members (Yes, I am looking at you Iczer and Mage). 

Until next time good reader, Excelsior! and may the cards fall your way and may you play, play, play. Thanks for reading.