Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Sign of Good Times

My gaming group, the Starshield Gaming Society, met for our weekly gaming session at Zoltar's Man Cave. Because of the size of our group, we broke into two groups after a scrumptious late dinner of Chinese food.

While four of our number circled around a table for a rousing game of Agricola, the other three of us huddled around the other table and entered the Arkham Museum.

My group consisted of Iczer and Mage and, of course, myself. Both Iczer and Mage were excited to play Elder Sign again, and I love this game! It goes without saying, I was itching to try my luck against yet another Great Old One.

We set up quickly. We randomly dealt out starting Investigators. I started out as Amanda Sharp; Iczer with his old standby, Mandy Thompson; and Mage was the magician Drake. I revealed our main enemy off of the top of the Great Old Ones, and it was Ithaqua, the Wendigo spirit.

We were off and running...for our lives.

Ithaqua's ability punished us pretty badly. Before the game was over, Mandy was devoured and replaced by Jenny Barnes.

This game was the first time in multiplayer that the Great Old One awakened! We had to take the fight to him, and boy, did we get out butts kicked. We were devoured pretty quickly. 

After losing, we decided to take another run at another Great Old One for redemption. Iczer kept Jenny Barnes, Mage ended up with Kate Winthrop, whose ability of preventing monsters entering on Mage's turn proved to be in valuable against Shub-Niggurauth, Monster Master. I was playing Marty McGlen, criminal extraordinaire. 

The game was pretty intense. It came down to my having to take an adventure that would yield our final Elder Sign needed to lock away the Black Goat of the Woods. My two companions had cleared the monsters at the expense of their sanity after having failed to Complete the Adventure. I swooped in fresh from the lobby where I had bought our penultimate Elder Sign. The roll came down to the final dice roll, and I was successful! We locked him away. 

Overall, our experience was a fun one. Cheers of victory and groans of defeat; high fives and forehead slaps abounded. It was a rip-roaring good time at the beginning of autumn, which for me is traditionally the Lovecraft time of year. 

I look forward to taking another run at a Great Old One in the near future with the leaves falling around us and the chill in the air creeping into our bones.

Thanks for visiting, good reader, and until next time may the dice fall your way and may you play, play, play.

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