Thursday, October 20, 2011

SurfMonkey's Museum Tour Ends in Super Villain Battles

It is the Lovecraft time of year. SurfMonkey came over for our monthly gaming session. We started out with one of my new favorites, Elder Sign. The weather outside was frightful and so were the monsters inside...the Arkham Museum that is...

 SurfMonkey started out with the magician Drake, and I began with Ashcan Pete and poor Duke, of course. Wow! They did not live very long. The We Need Help adventure proved to be devastating as we attempted to unlock our red die. Before we knew it, SurfMonkey was playing Harvey Walters and I was playing Gloria Goldberg.
 Then I was playing Carolyn Fern and SurfMonkey was playing Bob Jenkins.
 Well, none of these poor souls were a match for Yog-Sothoth. He devoured us in record time.

From the rainy streets of Arkham, we then proceeded to the Ruins of Atlantis where our heroic alter egos were pitted against the evil Baron Blade. 

The Baron gave our heroes a titanic battle, but in the end...
 The Baron was brought low by the combined forces of good! Take that, villain!
 SurfMonkey stayed with Bunker and Tempest for our second game. I opted for two heroes I hadn't played before: Fanatic and Ra.
 This game also marked my first foray against a new villain for me: Omnitron. What a cool villain! Love the melding of its theme and mechanics. Brilliant!
 This battle did not goes as well as our tussle with the Baron. By the end, Bunker and Tempest were down...
 Ra had been vanquished...
 Only Fanatic with a single thread of life stood standing.
She blasted Omnitron with Wrathful Retribution. Then with the help of Bunker, two Rounds later, she blasted Omnitron and its swarm of drones out of existence with Wrathful Retribution again! An awesome end to an awesome battle!
 We capped off our night of excellent gaming with a cup of Zombie Dice. Ahhh...the comforts of gaming, how I love thee.

Until next time, faithful readers, may the cards and dice fall your way and may you play, play, play.

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