Sunday, June 21, 2015

Power Legion: Roll Call 1

Summer time means games.

Especially games I don't get to throughout the busier parts of the year. I bought Power Legion when it came out and was very excited about it. It is a cool system for supers combat on the tabletop using all of the polyhedral dice most gamers have lying around the house.

As soon as I perused the rules, I immediately converted my Supers! RPG original characters to the Power Legion system, dug up some pre-painted D&D and Star Wars miniatures who could pass as those characters and prepared to play a game...That game never happened.

A few months passed, and my interest was re-kindled in the game. I wanted to buy a print copy, and recently, Ganesha Games offered up a sale on his books, so I went for it. Now with my PDF copy and print copy, the boys and I are gearing up for some super brawls. We played an introductory skirmish the other night to see the rules in action. Finally, the game was on the table! And it is fun!

That night, I plundered my mini collection for the most super-looking minis I could find and statted up a bunch. The boys and I are going to sit down for a few more brawls in the coming days. I have decided to give you all a look at the characters who will be populating our tabletop battlefield. Enjoy:

  Kar-a-Tee ( 806 pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d10  Strength: d8  Knockout: d10

Traits: Martial Arts d12, Flying Kick, Acrobat, Strong Will d12, Boost, Lethal HTH Weapon/Device: Katana d10, Weapon Master d12
 Ace: Indomitable

Tough Girl  ( 516 pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d8  Strength: d10  Knockout: d12

Traits: Armor: Tough Skin d12, Toughness, Strong Will d 10
Ace: Indomitable

Alex Drake (756  pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d8  Strength: d10  Knockout: d10

Traits: Fire Ranged Breath Weapon d10, Immune to Fire, Armor: Dragon Scales d10, Lethal Weapon: Bite d8, Lethal Weapon: Magic Mace /Device d10, Armor Piercing.
Ace: Breather

Mecha-Man ( 912 pts.)
Mind: d10 Agility: d10  Strength: d10  Knockout: d12

Traits: Artificial, Armor: d10, Combat Computer, Ranged Attack: Ion Blasters d10, Marksman d12, Radar Sense, Smokescreen, Superleap d8, Tactics d8

Ace: Rapid Fire

That's it for now. I will be posting more characters, including the Unstoppables (my Supers! RPG characters) and play reports here in the coming days.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Until next time, Game on!

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