Saturday, June 13, 2015

Song of Sons and Father...

With the summer break in full swing, the boys and I have found some time to play some games. Expect much more content as my free time increases. 

First up, at the boys' request, we broke out Song of Blades and Heroes, a perennial favorite in the Geek Cave. We played one game of Treasure Hunt. The youngest, Captain Facepuncher, came out with the win, sending one of his models carrying the MacGuffin off the table. Bravo, son!

The next day Maximan wanted to play a capture the flag scenario. It was the boys against me, 5 minis to a side. In the end, the game turned into a Destroy 'em All style game with me on the losing end of the deal. 

Thanks for the games, boys. See you at the gaming table soon...

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