Sunday, June 28, 2015

Power Legion: Villain Line Up 1

The Darklings first appeared after the dimensional rift was opened in Newopolis by the Rifter. They now roam the land, sowing chaos and fear wherever they go.

    Rage Zombie (636 pts.)

Mind: d4  Agility: d6  Strength: d12  Knockout: d12 

TraitsArmor: Tough Skin d8, Berserk Fury, Toughness, Regeneration d8

Ace: Bulletproof

Morlock (474 pts.)

Mind: d6  Agility: d6  Strength: d12  Knockout: d10

Traits: Power Suppression d10, Toughness, Superleap d8, Strong Will d8 

Ace: Revenge 

The Dark Infernal (800 pts.)
Mind: d6  Agility: d8  Strength: d10  Knockout: d10
Traits: Infernal Armor: Reinforced d10, Ranged Damage: Fire / Device d8, Lethal HtH Infernal Spear D10, Intimidation d8, Strong Will d8, Tactics d8


Battle Ape  (612 pts.)

Mind: d6  Agility: d10  Strength: d10  Knockout: d10

TraitsBerserk Fury, Acrobat, Lethal HtH: Battle Bracers/Device D12, Retain the INitiative,  SuperLeap d8
Ace: Haymaker

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