Friday, June 26, 2015

Power Legion: Roll Call 2

Here is another group of original heroes statted up for your gaming pleasure.

Ambush ( 795  pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d10  Strength: d8   Knockout: d8

Traits: Invisibility, Ranged Attack: Longbow/Device d12, Marksman d12, Gadget d10, Tactics d8

Ace: Rapid Fire

Freezer Burn (594  pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d8 Strength: d6 Knockout: d8

Traits: Ice Generation: d12: Trick: Ice Armor

Ace: Clothesline

Agent W (704  pts.)
Mind: d8 Agility: d8 Strength: d6 Knockout: d8
Armor: Kevarmor: d8, Martial Arts d10, Tactics d10, Ranged Weapon/Device Twin pistols d8, Marksman d10, Gadget d8, Stealth d8, Slippery

Ace: Mind Game

Talon (516   pts.)
Mind: d6 Agility: d12  Strength: d8  Knockout: d8

Armor: Alien Creature Hide d8, Flight d12, Flying Kick d10, Armor Piercing Lethal HtH: Lethal Talons d10, Difficult Target

Ace: Evasion

Coming up next: Play reports and perhaps some villains!

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