Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quick Update

Another session with the Starshielders went very well. They have made contact with the mysterious reptilian denizens of the Tomb in the Greyfells. Where this newest development will go, only the Dungeon Master knows...

Over the past week, Maximan66 and I have managed to fit in some more Warhammer Invasion games. We have also started playing best of three matches. The first of those matches are pictured below. The match went two games. 

It was an epic Empire vs. Chaos match up. In the end, the Empire's mobility overcame the crushing might of Chaos. Then the next match was a lot more tense. I was playing the Dark Elves vs. Maximan66's Dwarves. The stout ones quickly dispatched the fragile Dark Elves, but the next two games were all Dark Elves. They rallied to win the rubber match. Love it. Great times!

The coming week promises to be epic in its own right. Red Dragon Gaming Society after school Monday, Starshield Gaming Society Monday night, then it is time for the Sean Ries Memorial Gaming Weekend. Can't wait for this week of awesome gaming!

My next entry will probably be chronicling this upcoming week of gaming awesomeness. Until then, may your warhammer swing true during your invasion. 

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