Wednesday, February 13, 2013

IMStuds Gaming Weekend

Once again it was time for the annual game night at the home of StormBringr: Tiny House. This year was billed as the IMStuds Memorial Gaming Weekend, but IMStuds surprised no one by showing up! StormBringr and Beowulf's birthday present was plane fare for him. 

The Dramatis Persona:

me: magehammer

He who lived closest, KatoKatonian was last to arrive. But that was okay because many of us spent the time checking out StormBringr's newest acquisition: A Tesla car. Speaking of which, five of us piled into it and headed to the traditional dinner spot: Chipotle. After returning from the delicious dinner, KatoKatonian had prepared a surprise for us and had us purchase an app called Artemis, a space ship bridge simulator which essentially allows the players to be the members of a starship crew ala Star Trek and run their station from their personal iPad. The scenario prepared by KatoKatonian involved us saving an ailing ship from certain destruction. Our mission was successful under Captain StormBringr. I was the Weapons  officer. The night was off to a stellar start. 

After Artemis, we cracked open Risk and had at it. This year I changed my strategy and started out berserking and didn't stop, which in the end led to me achieving victory!

The night ended after a few refresher games of Summoner Wars, my favorite game.

The next morning, IMStuds made eggs for people. Well...let's say things got sticky as the video below will show.

While we waited for IMStuds and Beowulf to return from an errand and Kato to return, Mage, Shaftshooter, and I played a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse. I played Legacy and Tempest; Mage, Bunker; and Shaftshooter, Ra. We trounced poor Baron Blade in his bid for the Ruins of Atlantis. Soon the entire gang was sitting down to play most recent home brew RPG, Quests & Bones. The newest recruits of the Vigilants of Starshield were called upon to investigate the strange silence of a Palanite monastery at the base of the Wyrmspan Mountains. 

The journey there was fraught with peril, with rampaging orcs and hungry ogres at every turn...

After arriving at the Monastery of the Sun, they found it deserted with only giant spiders to greet them, complete with web-wrapped bodies of a monk rescue team...

After vanquishing the giant spider guardians and further investigating the monastery, they are ambushed by ettercaps in the basement...

After making their way into the monastic tomb below the monastery, they soon discovered the true reason for the deserted monastery: drow had emerged from the Dark Beneath to wreak havoc and evil and gather slaves for their subterranean city. The heroes prevailed but now face a decision: return to Northgate and report their discovery, or descend into the Dark Beneath to rescue the slaves or avenge them?

I am really happy how the game played, and I think everyone had a great time. Next year, I am planning on adapting the system to a pulp adventure game at the request of our host. Can't wait!

We played a game called We Didn't Playtest This: Legacies, a game I bought StormBringr for Christmas. It was crazy but fun. 

Next up was the long-awaited Summoner Wars tournament. I played Swamp Orcs and then The Filth the rest of the games. I lost to Beowulf in the semi finals when I missed four opportunities to take out Sundreved. 
I love that game!

The next morning all said their farewells and headed off into the noonrise. I had dinner with my parents and brother as they had come up to take IMStuds to the airport. 

A huge Thanks to MEM and StormBringr for hosting and allowing us to disrupt their lives for a couple of days in the name of friendship and gamesmanship. 

I hereby declare the third annual Tiny House Gaming Weekend a success. Already plans are being made for next year. Will IMStuds show his face again and ruin yet another pan? Will any of us go to sleep before 3:30 a.m.? Will Shaftshooter be living in a house? Answers to all these questions and more await next year.

In the mean time, friends, play more games!

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  1. I have been wanting to try Artemis with the starshielders -- maybe someday. For a more partylike version try SpaceTeam.