Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Cataclysm Befalls SurfMonkey as He Becomes a Dungeon Hero

It was our monthly game night and Maximan66 got to sit down with SurfMonkey and me for a go at the latest Warhammer Invasion Deluxe expansion which just hit the stores. It allows for a multiplayer experience for Warhammer Invasion games. 

Maximan66 won the night. I think the new rules add a cool dimension to the game and am eager to play it again. Luckily, SurfMonkey will be hitting the Geek Cave again next week!

After the game, SurfMonkey and I play tested a game that is set to release at the end of August. Because I am not sure about how much information the publisher would like me to release, I won't say anything here but to say I have played the game 9 times, and it is an new and awesome experience. Stay tuned!

We finished out the night with this little gem. As it was a successful Kickstarted game, the components were top notch. The game is intriguing, and I want to play it one more time before passing judgment on it. 

Next week more Cataclysm, mystery play testing, and the Duke! See you then, good reader.

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