Thursday, September 15, 2011

SurfMonkey Barely Survives the Rune Age only to Qonquer Quarriors!

On Tuesday, SurfMonkey came over for our monthly night of gaming goodness! He had been itching to play my two newest arrivals, Rune Age, and Quarriors! 

I let him choose, and we began with Rune Age. Hey opted to play the Latari Elves. I have never played the Uthuk Y'llan, so I went for it. I, of course, chose the Dragonlords scenario. Maybe someday I will play another of the scenarios, but for now, I am trying to get maximum mileage out of it. 

SurfMonkey, being a veteran gamer, warmed to the rules immediately. We were taking Strongholds, generating Influence, buying troops in no time. His first run against a sitting Dragonlord showed him the power of the Warp-touched Attrition Die...His elves failed to secure the Dragonlord Reward.

 My barbaric forces with the help of three, yes, three Demons, sent the main Dragonlord to his end. Ah, sweet victory...

 For our second game, SurfMonkey suggested we trade factions but play against the Dragonlords again. I was all for it! I had never played the elves in multiplayer before, so I was intrigued to see how they would play.

Poor SurfMonkey learned the horrid powers of the Attrition die in several of forays against the Dragonlords, including the big boss himself. With apologies to Rick Moranis: Many Warlocks and Chaos Lords knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the dragon's gullet that day, I can tell you!

I, however, experienced one of the greatest moments in my gaming history when I took my elves against the Big Bad. I had a hand of a Demon, 2 Pegasus Riders, and a Darnati Warrior, and 2 Storm Sorceresses thanks to Bountiful Harvest. . I decided to go for it, hoping the Riders would deliver. And, man, did they ever. They yielded me another Demon, another Pegasus Rider, which yielded me another Darnati Warrior. The rest of my hand hit the table, and the Attrition Die came up blank for a total of 32 Strength! (To be fair, I play a house rule that shuffles Bountiful Harvest back into the Event Deck with the Stage 2 cards. I may re-think that rule after my crushing victory over the Dragonlords).

Then it was on to my newest game and one of my current favorites, Quarriors! I set up the game and explained to my opponent. He had no problem picking it up, and we were off and rolling. 

I just have to say that SurfMonkey was born to play this game. I managed to to muster up good hands and great creatures, but so did he. He made good use of his spells, and so did I, but in the end, SurfMonkey scored his Glory greater than mine. 

SurfMonkey and I ended the night at two games apiece. A good night for sure. SurfMonkey said, "Rune Age is freakin' cool." And of Quarriors! he said, "It's all right. At least I can win at it." So, I have a feeling I can expect some more of Terrinoth in future gaming sessions, and I have a feeling I haven't seen the last of the Wilds either...

Thanks for reading and until next time, may your dice roll your way, and play, play, play.

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