Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quaked by Quarriors!

Over the Labor Day weekend, I was able to get my newest game to the table: Quarriors! (Yes, the exclamation point is obligatory but also fitting).

On Saturday, StormBringer was in town and stopped over for a visit. After an authentic Mexican lunch, we sat down at the gaming table and unboxed the game out of its cool Quake Dragon Qube tin. I also downloaded some awesome play mats posted by a user on BoardgameGeek. They were a huge help in the game and look amazing! 

StormBringer and I ended up playing 3 games, and though we made a rather large error, allowing our summoned Quarries to live beyond scoring, we still had a blast. Rolling dice at the gaming table is a sure path to fun.

I won the first two games and the third was all StormBringer. He even managed to ready the almighty Quake Dragon. After the dice cooled from a massive amount of rolling, we both decided that the game has some legs with us, and we will definitely be bringing it out the next time we meet.

Then on Monday, members of the Starshield Gaming Society gathered in my Geek Cave for our weekly game night.  In attendance were Q-MooseCadet, Q-Weezoh, and Q-Zoltar. This would be our first 4-player game. All of the Starshielders are veteran gamers, so I knew I was going to have to be on my game to stand a chance at winning.

The first game I started off strong, but in the end, Zoltar pulled a come-from-behind win.

The second game was more even, but Zoltar took the Glory Crown the second game as well.

After Zoltar left for the night (no, really, we didn't beat him up and leave him out back bleeding), MooseCadet, Weezoh, and I played one more game. It was back and forth, but in the end, I was victorious. 

Everyone loved the game. They loved the deck-building theme (Weezoh and MooseCadet are big fans of Dominion, btw), the changing Wilds from game to game, the many choices you have to make as to which combos to run and Quarries to buy. 

For us, Quarriors! is a hit. It's quick, quite fun, and worth every quid.

I can't wait for the qubes to hit my gaming table again. 

Until next time, gamers, may the dice fall your way and may you play, play, play. 

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