Saturday, December 17, 2011

Song of Blades and Heroes: Rumble in the Ruins

Max and I played the long awaited Rumble in the Ruins scenario.

I played Tezzer's Terrors: a troll, ogre, half ogre warrior, and a tiefling wizard vs. Max's halfling veteran, Human heavy infantry, human crossbowman, Holt the Cleric of Palan, and Thurd the civilized barbarian. His crossbowman took out my ogre right between the eyes, but once my warband advanced on his position, his troops fled the field of battle.

 The battlefield is set
 Max maneuvers his forces into place
 The Terrors are on the move
 Tezzer takes cover
 The Terrors achieve tactical advantage. Tezzer issues orders for his troops to advance.
 Troll vs. Barbarian
 The Defenders of the Ruins fight back!
 The Terrors skirmish well
 Poor halfling...
The Terrors have taken the ruins. The remaining defenders are on the run. Victory belongs to terror! 

Thanks for visiting. Until next time, may your forces rally to your flag and may your troops' weapons never fail!

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