Sunday, December 18, 2011

Song of Blades and Heroes: The Taking of the Ruins of Tetherain

I was playing the Cabal of Evil: A devil shocktrooper, an antipaladin, a tiefling champion, and a savage human. Max was playing the Crusaders. The scenario was if the any of the evil band made it to the the glowing rock of Tetherain, the battle was over, and the land was corrupt. Unfortunately, Max didn't guard the rock too well...

It was a fast game, indeed.

 Max's Crusaders are ready for battle.
 The Cabal of Evil enters the battlefield.
 The ground troops move to defend the bridge.
 Taking to the high ground, the devil shocktrooper surveys the battle before swooping down to the stone.
The Dragonblade Ninja made an attempt to stop the devil, but couldn't stop the horror from claiming the stone. 


  1. You gotta quit beating him every sobh game otherwise you'll be soloing these scenarios :P

  2. I know! No sign of defeat fatigue yet, though. He still asks to play, so I think I have at least a couple more skirmishes before he tires of getting whupped. :)