Sunday, December 4, 2011

Death Angels Fly Again and StormBringer Meets the Sentinels

My friend of 38 years, StormBringer came for a visit yesterday. After a visit with the family and lunch, us guys went to the Geek Cave for a bit of gaming. StormBringer chose to play Death Angel: Space Hulk the Card Game, a game near and dear to my heart. We randomly chose our 4 teams, and delved into the Hulk. 

 By the end of the game, we had lost only two Marines and launched off of the Hulk, the Genestealers left behind...A proud day for our Chapter!

After fighting off swarms of Genestealers, I introduced StormBringer to...

In real life, StormBringer is a runner and a scientist of sorts, and one of his favorite superheroes is the Flash. The obvious choice for his first game of Sentinels was, of course, Tachyon, the scientist speedster. I played Absolute Zero and Ra: fire and ice and fire. Max played his favorite, Tempest. We went against Citizen Dawn and her legion of supervillains in Megalopolis. 

We barely defeated her Dawnness but defeat her we did...Only Absolute Zero fell in our titanic battle. StormBringer loved I knew he would. This game rocks. 

After our game, StormBringer and I packed up and headed over to our friend's house for two more games of SotM, this time with 5 players, and an epic game of Magic the Gathering: Commander that went way too long but was way too much fun! An excellent day of gaming it was. 

Thanks for reading and until next time, go save the Multiverse and have fun doing it.

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