Thursday, December 22, 2011

Starshield Gaming Knights: Super Dungeon Explore!

Starshield Board Gaming Knights!

Last Monday, several of our members got together to test run the brand spanking new game, Super Dungeon Explore!  

I arrived late to the party and had to choose my character randomly. My character was the barbarian butt-kicker!

We jumped right into the game. And my barbarian was the first to the fight.  

 The druid's bear form was cool!
Rex smashed quite a few of us.

The boss dragon spawned with only one Super Dungeon Explorer to defeat. The rest lay broken by its minions.

What I Didn't Like: I have never been much for Japanese-style art. So, the artwork was a bit distracting to me. It felt too kiddie for the theme of the game. I know it was meant to emulate certain Japanese designed video games, but the art, though colorful and pretty, was a disappointment to me. I feel if they were going for a video game feel that emulating the style of Torchlight would have been a better fit.

Also, I felt that the Starshielders could have designed this game using minis, dungeon tiles, and dice we already own.

What I Did Like: We got our butts kicked. I like that we will need to work together more in future games if we have any hope of surviving.

The models, though Japanese-inspired, were awesome, hefty, and made of quality plastic. Top notch. Kudos!

I like the dungeon tiles. They were pretty and seemed to have enough variety to give the base game plenty of re-play ability.

The dice were pretty and well-made as well.

I liked the equipping system with certain items being placed to match certain icons on the cards.

I liked that there was lots of dice rolling! It did my Ameritrash soul good! I liked the dice system: certain dice roll more successes than others, providing plenty of combinations for dice-rolling.

Overall: I would like to play the game again to see if we could do better. I look forward to playing it again to roll lots of pretty dice. I look forward to playing a different character. My poor barbarian didn't last very long.

Thanks for reading and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Happy Holidays!


  1. Also, a shout out to Weezoh for gluing all of the minis together. Your efforts were much appreciated!

  2. I guess I disagree from you on only one subject... I LOVE the artwork! I really liked the game but I was disappointed in our performance and the fact that we never left our starting room or got the chance to open a chest. Though, we are new to the game. I look forward to playing again sometime soon!

  3. The artwork was well done; I just don't prefer it.

  4. And we'll try it again on Boxing day! This time I won't forget to take the loot cards I should have gotten at the 16 bit level. ��