Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Song of Blades and Heroes: Dragon Defenders

Dragon Warriors vs. The Warhulk's Raiders. Max was playing his warband from the previous game. His dragon was wounded (increasing his Quality). I was playing an Ogre Warhulk, a warmage and his pet chain golem, a harpy, and a dread warrior. The battle was truly back and forth, but in the end, Maximan rallied his troops to defeat my raiders. Nicely played, son.

Below is the battle in images...

 Dragon Warriors Assemble!
 The Warhulk's Raiders head for the bridge.
 The dragon moves advances.
 The Raiders move to engage the Dragon defenders.
 The chain golem starts to take a toll. 
 The dragon takes to the high ground while the other combatants slug it out on the that a tasty wizard below...hmmmm.
 The chain golem has done some damage. 
 The fire samurai finally moves toward the battle following his dwarf commander. 
 Go for the leader!
 The leader sends the chain golem reeling. 
 The fire samurai moves to finish off the golem with the help of his commander. 
 The flyers duke it out over the battlefield. Harpy vs. dragon. Who do you think won?
 The golem is back on his feet...
 but not for long. The fire samurai's flaming sword proves to be too much for the magical juggernaut. 
After slaying the warhulk leader, the remaining Raiders flee the battlefield. The temple of Astasia is safe from defilement for another day. 

What an awesome game, Max almost gave up, but in the end, he rallied his troops for a decisive victory. Two in a row!

Next up, Star Wars Flying Lead

Thanks for reading!

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