Sunday, December 11, 2011

Once Upon a Song of Blades and Heroes

Max and I sat down for a rematch. He played the Motley Crew, and I was playing the Human and Dwarf Alliance Squad. Max continued his tactic of always rolling 3d6 for his activation rolls. Let's see how he fared in this skirmish...

 Here is Max. A bit scared at the start but brave enough to fight on.

 I immediately send my artillery to the high ground with ground support from my infantry "tanks."

 Here the dwarves plug up the breach in the natural ring of rocks while hobgoblin magic flies by them.

The undead march forward only to be dead again under the weapons of the dwarves and the powerful crossbow of Kyper Sub.

The dwarves were not without a few lumps themselves...

Within two turns, the dwarves had defeated all of their opponents at the breach and sent the others fleeing.

Max was so intimidated by dwarf power, that he just had his remaining troops run away, and the Human Dwarf Alliance Squad won the day.

Take that, son! That will teach you to cross swords with your dad!

Thanks for reading and until next time may your Song of Blades and Heroes ring clear in the hall!