Friday, December 23, 2011

Attack on the Ancient Shrine of Cassotar: Max Wins!

Max and I sat down to another game of Songs of Blades and Heroes with Max playing his newest warband: The Dragon Warriors. Max's band consisted of an elf archer, two human crossbowman, a fire samurai, a ninja, a dwarf commander, and a helpful green dragon!

I played a gnoll warband with two claw fighters, an archer, several warriors, and a warchief. I called them Yeonoughu's Favored.

My gnoll raiders were attempting to defile the shrine to win favor with their hyena-headed god.

The Dragon Warrior mercenary band was tasked with defending the shrine.

 The forces assemble for battle
 The dragon advances
Yeonoughu's Favored take the bridge. 
The dragon takes to the high ground. 
 The Dragon Warriors' ground forces push back the advancing gnolls.
 The battle for the bridge is fierce.
 The first wave of gnolls is dropped and stopped.
With their leader in the fray, the gnolls push back and take the bridge. 
 The gnolls manage to slay the dragon! 
 The leaders clash. 
 The gnolls have the upper hand. Victory seems to be in their grasp. 
 The tide of battle turns, and the warchief of Yeonoughu's Favored leaves the field. 
The fire samurai finishes the gnoll archer. The Dragon Warriors are victorious!

Max wants to play his Dragon Warriors again, so we rolled on the combat aftermath table to see if his fallen combatants will return. The dragon has some severe wounds but will return to battle again. All of the other members of his warband only suffered minor injuries and will live to fight another day. 

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas, everyone!

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